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Door to door distribution is one of the most cost effective targeted marketing solutions for any business.

If you want to reach consumers in a given area then our door to door service is what you need

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For example you may own a family run garage and want to increase sales from local residents within a 2 mile radius. We pull out our maps, consult our super computer and plot the best neighborhoods to target within 2 miles of your premises.

Our Door-to-Door service includes a bespoke campaign specific to you and your business

We know each customer is different, so we’ll work together with you to develop a solid strategy and put a plan in place to create a super campaign that has the best chance of success.

GPS Tracking
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Mr Flyer will devise your super strategy based on the following

Target Audience

We ask you who your ideal client is, and then tailor your distribution around this key component.


Based on your ideal client and the areas your business covers, we recommend the most appropriate locations for you.


We look at your chosen locations and combine this with your budget to establish the right quantity for your business.


Your design will always include our three keys to a successful flyer: bold headline, eye catching image and a call to action.


We advise on the perfect print for your business based on your target audience, type of business and budget.

Type of distribution

You can have shared or solus distribution. We recommend the best for you based on your average conversion value and your budget.


Drip effect marketing studies show the higher the frequency, the higher the response. We recommend a minimum three stage repeat strategy.

GPS Tracking

Watch exactly where your flyers are distributed with your own personal tracking account.


We look at your response rate and use those results to create an even better repeat campaign.

Door to door distribution is available for shared, duo and solus distributions, so what's the difference?

Shared Distribution

Shared distribution

Shared distribution is one of the most cost effective marketing solutions. We distribute your leaflet with a maximum of two other non-competing leaflets. It is currently available exclusively in Huddersfield, and is named ‘Fixed Shared Distribution’. Why the odd name? Well, we have 40 fixed locations that we deliver to the first week of every month. To each location we cover 1000 houses. For example, 1000 in Almondbury, 1000 in Lindley, etc. Most clients block book their locations months in advance as part of a campaign to ensure they are guaranteed the most ideal locations for their business. All shared distributions include full GPS tracking.

Shared Distribution

Duo distribution

This service fits between shared distribution and solus distribution. The Duo distribution is where we will distribute your flyer with one other non competing flyer. So for example, you have a tutoring business in York and want to target certain areas but don't yet have the budget for solus distribution, we will actively search our client database for ideal clients to share with you and see if they are interested. We will then go ahead with the best match for you. All duo distributions include full GPS tracking.

Solus Distribution

Solus distribution

Solus distribution is our premium service, and most recommended for maximising your return on investment. It is by far our most popular service. It is just your leaflet distributed, giving you full attention and eliminating any distraction away from your business. We distribute your leaflets to specific areas of your choice to guarantee we target the right audience. With solus distribution we provide you with your own unique Mr Flyer Distribution client login that constantly updates all your distributions via our GPS tracking system. All solus distributions include full GPS tracking.

Which is Best…Shared, Duo or Solus?

Generally we like to discuss this question with each client individually because it is a different answer each time. However, here are the basics to help you decide.

1. What stage is your business at?

If you have a new or a micro business often the challenge is to keep all costs to a minimum, so a shared or duo may be best. Where as if you have a good number of staff to keep busy it’s usually worth the extra investment to have a more targeted and higher response rate solus distribution, which will give real growth to your business.

2. What is the value of your converted lead?

It’s not the amount of leads you generate to dwell on, but what value those leads have, and whether they will provide a regular recurring revenue. (We have a DMA top 5 2016 blog on this subject titled 'What is ‘the’ response rate from leaflet distributions'). For example, if you manage a gym a converted lead may only be worth £30, but the likelihood is they will sign up for 12 months meaning their actual value is at least £360 (£30x12). Where as if your business is a window company you won’t receive much repeat revenue, but the value of each sale may be more like £10,000. The chances are more people will respond to a gym flyer than a window flyer, but hopefully you now realise that's not necessarily a negative thing.

3. Do you have a budget in mind?

The price of shared is cheapest in terms of a per 1000 rate, followed by duo, and then solus is the higher priced service. The budget you have often is a major factor in which to choose. However, it’s sometimes more cost effective to have a solus distribution over duo or shared, but to lower the quantity and be more targeted.

What's Next

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