Brand New Website Launched Today!!

Brand New Website Launched Today!!

We have some very exciting news, our Group has a brand new website, which launched today! You can see it straight away; simply visit:

This website showcases all the brands within our Group, which Mr Flyer joined back in March 2020. We now have four brands, so to help bring these together, we knew a group website was essential.

The new website also communicates what we stand for and how we set out to help you, our clients. Our overarching purpose is to educate, advise and provide solutions for you to build your business as simply as possible.

Our Brands

Over the last eighteen months, we have experienced so much change, so here's a quick update for you: Back in March 2020, we merged with award-winning Direct Mail Company, Flow Solutions. Following this, we began creating our new brand, Business Building Company (Co.), which has many new services associated with it. The Co. brand is scheduled to go live in October this year. You will also get a sneak peek into a big announcement we will be making next week - the acquisition of a SAAS platform print management company. You can see much more info and a link to each of the new websites via the new Flow Group website.

Our Team

A significant focus for this website was making it all about our team. All the people you see on the website are our valued team members...not random stock images! Since the merger with Flow Solutions, we have seen seven new team members join our team. In addition, we're actively recruiting for three new full-time positions. Our business continues to thrive thanks to our incredible team. Rather than covid forcing redundancies, we have been so fortunate to experience ongoing recruitment instead. As a team, we thank you, our valued clients, for remaining loyal to us during these unprecedented times.

Our Story

With so much change, we wanted to share our story with you. This is not corporate blurb but a real-life, honest and inspiring account from our group MD, Richard Standing. As a business, we are so happy that we merged back in 2020; as mentioned on the new website, we now have new talent, expertise, products, and services from which you can directly benefit. Not only that, our home has grown from 1,500 sq. ft to 15,000 sq. ft! Who'd have thought we would have grown to what we have after just ten years!

Thank you so much for your custom over the years. We hope you enjoy exploring our new group website. We would love to hear your feedback too, so please do get in touch - and now covid restrictions have lifted, we'd love to invite you to our newly refurbished HQ.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Robinson

Head of Sales & Marketing