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New Service: Duo Distribution

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For 2017 we have launched a brand new service called Duo Distribution. This service fits between a shared distribution and Solus distribution. Read on to see whether it would be more beneficial for you and your business.


What is Duo Distribution?

The Duo distribution is where we will distribute your flyer with one other non-competing flyer. This will be of particular interest to all the areas we cover outside of Huddersfield because our shared distribution is only available in Huddersfield; therefore only Solus distributions were available in all the other towns and cities.


Why Have we Launched it?

We found, especially over the last 12 months that we have not been able to serve all enquiries because the Solus distribution service simply isn't always appropriate for every customer, and therefore they had to risk using an alternative leaflet distribution company. We hope that as the price is lower than Solus, that we will be able to help build more customers' businesses.


Is it Cheaper than the Royal Mail?

Despite a very popular blog on the subject of the Royal Mail, we still lost out on some clients who decided to go with the Royal Mail instead. The Duo distribution prices, like for like in terms of quantity, are all lower priced than the Royal Mail*. 


Is it a Better Service than the Royal Mail's?

Considerably! Besides all the other reasons, which you can read here, the main reason is that you will be sharing with just 1 other non competing client, whereas the Royal Mail put you out with 5 other leaflets (often supermarket booklets) and addressed mail. Now is the likelihood more that you would respond if 2 flyers come through your letterbox OR if 6 flyers and mail came through? I think we would all answer the same!


Where is the New Service Available?

We will make it available in all the locations we cover, which include all of West Yorkshire, all of South Yorkshire, much of North Yorkshire and part of Greater Manchester. 


Introductory Offer

If you like the sound of Duo Distribution, do contact us today and quote 'Duo Distribution Blog Offer', and you will receive a 10% discount on your first stage of distribution**.


*Based on the rate card found here 

**Distribution must commence by 28/2/16. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Subject to availability.