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Flyer distribution and Direct Mail with Multi Award Winning Mr Flyer are the most direct, effective and easiest forms of marketing in Brighton

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Marketing your business to make you more money

At Mr Flyer, we partner with our clients to help provide money making marketing campaigns. We identify which service (flyer distribution or direct mail) will be most appropriate for your business, and then build you a strategic campaign accordingly. From new businesses to 100 year heritages, Mr Flyer Brighton is ready to help you and your business.

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Careful planning & strategy based on your business

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Drip effect marketing formula that drives results

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Our clients are proof that a print marketing campaign, tailored to your business, will be successful

This testimonial, along with many others you can read here help illustrate that, when done right, door to door distribution and direct mail are incredibly effective tools to help build your business. Would you like to partake in the success stories from so many of our clients? Presuming you do, then mr Flyer Brighton is for you!

“Mr Flyer provide an outstanding and extremely well-tailored service, giving helpful and honest advice from the offset. From a repeat distribution Mr Flyer have recently carried out for us, we have already sold 6 cars, what a fantastic result! We are extremely happy with the professional service provided by Mr Flyer and look forward to working with them in the future.”
Neil Lawley, Perrys Mazda

But does this marketing method actually work?

But the business next door told me they had a terrible response from door to door distribution?! This is a story we hear too. However, put into perspective this is often like a comment you hear from the person who went to the gym once and was discouraged because he didn’t transform into Schwarzenegger! Both flyer distribution and direct mail are just like any other form of marketing; they need to be performed according to specific marketing principles.

There are 3 keys, which have a huge impact on your response rate.

  1. Target demographic. We assess who you’re looking to target and then recommend and plan accordingly.
  2. Design. Your design must be actionable, otherwise the receiver won’t have a reason to respond! We design a compelling and actionable flyer for you, which we then print on the most appropriate paper for your audience and your budget.
  3. Drip effect marketing principle. Most people are much more likely to respond if they keep on receiving your marketing material, which is why we recommend to frequently repeat to the same audience.

When we combine these 3 keys for our clients, they receive excellent returns on their investment.

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To move forward and start to generate increased work for your business it’s essential you get in contact with us today so we can help create you a business building marketing campaign.

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Jeff Olson