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Two Award Nominations in Two Weeks!

We would have been happy with the one nomination, but to be nominated for two in two weeks is pretty special for us! So the first we were notified about was the Negotiator Award, which we won bronze in last year for 'Supplier of the Year, Services and Products'. This year we are hoping for gold! The next award nomination is for the Huddersfield Examiner Business Awards, Employer of the Year....

Will your customers value how you say 'Happy Christmas' to them?

Christmas may be an exciting time for businesses in retail and a time for many B2B's to sit twiddling their fingers...either way, it's the time we ALL need to show our customers how much we value them. But doing things like sending Christmas cards will cost a fortune right?...

Which is best, Direct Mail (DM) or Door to Door (D2D) Distribution?

This is a popular question, and previously we may have had some bias toward door to door as we couldn't do the other! However, the good news is we now offer both. So what's a non-bias view on this?...

The hardest student job in Huddersfield

Are you looking for a part time student job in Huddersfield where you're stuck in a boring shop listening to the ping of a checkout for 8 hours straight? Or are you looking to waste away inside a warehouse doing a tedious and repetitive job hours on end? Or are you looking for a job where no hours are guaranteed, minimum wage is questionable, and a contract fails to exist? If none of the above appeals to you, there is on....

How to Make Your Marketing Relevant

In this blog I want to show you how to make your marketing relevant to your target audience. It will also show you how to subtly create a desired action for your product or service....

The Best Car Dealership Marketing Strategy

Are you in the marketing department of, or the owner of a car dealership, and wish you could increase footfall with people ready to buy your cars? Read on to benefit from a proven strategy to increase footfall, test drives, and sales....

Are your flyers in safe hands?

After having a catch up with Richard Brook from the LEP, who helped us achieve funding for website improvements and a new iMac, we discussed something that got me thinking. He said that he finds our operations side of the business fascinating, especially how we recruit and look after our distribution team. For clients who are yet to visit our offices and meet the team I thought it beneficial to show and explain just how we operate on a people basis to ensure you, our clients, see great results from your marketing campaigns with us....

What's the Difference Between a Flyer Distribution Service and a Flyer Marketing Service?

You may have noticed that we have changed all the headlines on our website, social media and printed media that our service is not Expert Flyer Distribution but Expert Flyer Marketing. This decision came out of a quarterly strategy meeting thanks to the incredibly helpful book, Scaling Up. But what does the change mean to you, our customers? Please read on and you will see how much it benefits you and will build your business further....

Are you building your business alone?

Do you struggle to find the time to manage every department in your business? Growth can be so much easier and faster with the help of a team around you. We live in an information age, where DIY is far more possible. Yet it is still as important as ever to look to other people for help with the difficult tasks. Are there aspects in your business you loathe doing and would love help with?...

Wish You Could Get Paid to Work Out?

We are constantly looking to build our distribution team in Huddersfield to meet growing demand. And as you may have noticed from the title, we are looking for people who love outdoor sports, hence ‘work out’ – workout outside!...


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