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Why we do what we do, and where we came from

Build your business, build your brand
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Multi Award winning Mr Flyer has the mission to build your business and build your brand through expert print marketing strategies

Whatever we do for you, we want to see it directly improve your bottom line. We believe that effective design printed on quality paper, and delivered using our drip marketing strategy, will truly help build your business.

We operate an open, honest and transparent business...

It's in our best interest to see you succeed. Whichever service is right for you, we will work with you through every stage.

If we really don’t believe that your business will benefit from our service we will tell you straight away. Likewise if you ask for a 30,000 distribution and we know that for the target audience you want only 20,000 are needed, we will always be open and honest, and look to save you money wherever possible.

Andrew Robinson, MD

Meet the team

Andrew Robinson, AKA Boss
Managing Director

Andrew comes from an architecture background with his degree from the University of Sheffield. Following his degree, Andrew then moved to Athens, Greece to work as an architect for a prestigious architecture practice.  Partaking in projects including millionaires mansions, Prada and LV store design and build, and executive office blocks.  Andrew has lived and breathed business from birth, living next door to his parents thriving business that has a lifespan of over 65 years.  This has naturally made Andrew very ambitious.  He knows the value of providing a quality service, and makes sure to do so regardless of the task at hand. Andrew is a devoted Christian and strives to implement Godly principles into everyday business. Andrew is currently to studying a Masters in Marketing (through the CIM), which will enable him to become chartered.

Jordan Lewis, AKA Fussball Champion
Office Manager

Jordan started at Mr Flyer as a business administration apprentice back in September 2016 working mainly in HR and Recruitment. He is now the Office Manager overseeing all internal distributions. Dealing with all aspects of Operations, Human Resources, Recruitment, Health & Safety and the day to day running of the business, Jordan has quickly progressed.

If you fancy challenging Jordan for his table football title, feel free to pop down to our office on Albert Street for a game. Beware, you may be disappointed with the result.

Jacob Hazeldine, AKA James Blunt
Sales Manager

Jacob grew up in Huddersfield, but lived down south for a number of years when he was younger - as a result he doesn’t have a northern accent and sounds a little like James Blunt. He has a Master of Law and Practice degree, but decided in his final year that he was more interested in business than law. He is married with 3 children, and his family are one of the biggest priorities in his life. In his free time, he plays tennis and loves to watch movies and would like to one day open up a cinema of his own. He is also a postman with Mr Flyer, so has seen how the business runs at ground level upwards. He attends Huddersfield Christian Fellowship with the other office staff and is a devoted Christian.

Roger Dumisani, AKA Whizz Kid
Graphic Designer

Roger is South African born, but Yorkshire raised having lived in Huddersfield for 15+ years. He has always had a passion for all things creative, having achieved a Diploma in Art and Design from Batley School of Art and Design and currently studying BA(Hons) Graphic Design and Animation from the University of Huddersfield. He is self-taught in photography and videography, having been part of professionals shoots and also working independently on promotional videos and wedding video and photography. With his years of design experience, he has developed a keen eye for design and believes in delivering the highest quality with his work. He loves spending time with his wife and son doing activities as a family. Roger attends Huddersfield Christian Fellowship with his fellow staff members and is a devoted Christian.

Our team is also made up of our Team Leaders and faithful Mr Flyer Postmen and Postwomen (Business Builders)

We call our solus distribution staff ‘Business Builders’ because that’s what they do, build your business!

These are the unsung heroes of Mr Flyer, unfortunately there’s too many to list here. At the monthly team meetings it's great to hear feedback from them, especially as many key Mr Flyer ideas have originated from our business builders. Some of the distributors also hold other roles including stocking, preparation of flyers and certain office roles.

It began in McDonalds…where else!

How a casual conversation between two friends sat in McDonalds passing time until the movie started, turned into the most exciting and fastest growing flyer marketing company in Yorkshire and beyond...

You often read autobiographies of your favourite businessman who made his millions from a business idea wrote on the back of a pub coaster; well this isn't so different...except no one here has yet made millions!

Andrew Robinson and Kangwa Mushibwe were casually sat in McDonalds, both unemployed, having a general catch up. Andrew mentioned that he was struggling to sell his Herbalife product, which he had recently signed up to. After reading in the marketing book that leaflet distribution was worldwide the most effective strategy, he got ripped off buying some flyers directly from Herbalife and set out distributing them himself. Kangwa commented on how the previous year he had done some leaflet distributing for a few local businesses he knew, and stated he innocently charged a ludicrously high amount to do it (much more than Mr Flyer charge).

This sparked an idea in Andrew’s mind: why not start their very own distribution company? That evening, along with the next few evenings, Andrew researched the viability of starting such a business. Andrew soon recognised this was a viable business opportunity, and so approached Kangwa and proposed a partnership. Neither had much experience in the field, Andrew came from an Architecture background and Kangwa IT, yet their eagerness pulled them through.

First things first: business name. Browsing online at website templates they came across one with a moonlit background, so the name Moonlight Flyers was planned. However, after asking friends and peers, the general consensus was that it sounded more like a gentlemen’s club than a leaflet distribution company! As they were brainstorming Andrew noticed that the initial of Kangwa’s surname (M) and that of his own (R), created the word Mr, which promptly became Mr Flyer – seamless!

From humble beginnings using Kangwa’s spare room as ‘Head Office’ and Andrew’s Alfa GTV as distributor transport, it is heartening to see how the business has grown, matured and innovated so dramatically over a somewhat short period of time to become a Multi Award Winning marketing business.

As they were brainstorming Andrew noticed that the initial of Kangwa’s surname (M) and that of his own (R), created the word Mr, which promptly became Mr Flyer – seamless!

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