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Black Friday Deals Already Released!

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We want you to have every opportunity to do last minute marketing for Black Friday, and are therefore introducing our Black Friday deals in advance of the day so that you can take advantage straight away!  These deals are from now (13/11/18) until Friday the 23rd of November 2018.  So what deals are we doing for you? Read below to see how your business can benefit.


Distribution Deals:

For flyer distribution we are giving you 10% discount on any solus distribution order you place.  This can be on a campaign too, though it only applies for the stage(s) within the allotted time.  There are a few terms and conditions (which you can find below); the main things are that the distribution must start between now (13/11/18) and 31/12/18 with a 10% deposit paid on order. To redeem the 10% discount on your flyer distribution simply quote BLACK FRIDAY DISTRIBUTION DEAL when you call or email us.


Print Deals:

We are offering 15% off all printing on www.huddersfieldprinting.com.  As with the distribution a few terms and conditions apply, which you can find below.  If you don't yet have the artwork ready, all you need to do is pay a 10% deposit on the day and providing you have the print paid and processed by 31/12/18 then you will still get the full discount.  If you would like 15% discount on your printing then simply quote BLACK FRIDAY PRINTING DEAL when you call or email, or use code: F4BLACK15.


Design Deals: 

To keep the increments going we are giving 20% discount on all design work.  As with the print, if you're looking for artwork but are unsure what exactly you want on, then all you need to do is pay a 10% deposit on the day and providing the artwork is paid in full and started by 31/12/18 you will still receive the discount. If you would like 20% discount on your artwork then simply quote BLACK FRIDAY DESIGN DEAL when you call or email.


Can You Have All Three Discounts?

Absolutely!  To take advantage of these one off deals please contact us today either by calling 01484 598555 or emailing [email protected]...and don't forget to quote the discount you're after! 

Remember, hundreds of clients will receive an email with this and we have limited availability, so it will simply be on a first come first serve basis.


Terms and Conditions 

These are in no particular order:

1. Order must be made by 23/11/18 with a minimum 10% deposit paid on order (either by card, bank transfer or cash if you call into the office. No cheques)
2. For distribution it must be paid in full and booked in to start by 31/12/18, and print and/or design work must be paid in full and then sent either to print or our designer by 31/12/18.
3. If you've already made a booking or have a stage in your campaign going out before 31/12/18 the discount doesn't apply. Equally you cannot try to con the system and cancel your order to then re book straight after!
4. The discount applies to full priced services and therefore cannot be used alongside any other discount or promotion.
5. If you order a campaign, the discount applies only to the stage(s) starting by the 31/12/18.
6. As always, the invoice must be paid in full before the service takes place.
7. We have reduced our solus minimum order to just 5,000.
8. Another 'as always', the work is subject to availability.  It's simply a first come (and pay!), first serve basis.  
9. The design discount only applies if you also print with us (though you'd be crazy not to, especially with the discounts on print!).