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Copywriting for Flyers – Is It Important?

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When you think about the design of your flyer you will likely think about the layout, images, colours and a potential offer; the actual copy is often overlooked.   However, the copy will likely make or break your response rate for your distribution campaign.  Read on to see how the right use of copywriting can dramatically increase your conversion rate.


Where is The Copy Most Important?

What (or what should) stands out most on a flyer?  Typically it will be the headline and the image.   Therefore these two items need to be seriously good!  The headline must associate with your target audience immediately, usually in the form of a question, and then be supported by a sub-headline, which shows you/your business to be the solution. 


How Can You Improve The Copywriting On Your Flyer?

Remove most of it!  We regularly receive flyers from clients, which have far too much information on. The purpose of a flyer is to intrigue the receiver and then give them a reason to respond through a clear call to action.  It is not to give every bit of info about you and your business leaving the receiver with no extra info to ask.  Nor is it supposed to overwhelm and put the receiver off.  The term ‘junk mail’ likely derived from the lousy design and weak copywriting on poorly printed flyers.  If you’re to stand out from the junk mail, you must appreciate what good copy is.


Is It Expensive?

No!  As part of our design service, your sales consultant will help you with the copy, and often create it in its entirety. Also, if you already have a designer you wish to use, we consult on the design and copy free of charge.  Why?  It’s in both our interests that you have a successful campaign - often clients blame us for a poor response rate instead of their designer and/or copywriter!   Alternatively, there are great copywriters out there who we can introduce you to. Here are links to a couple of copywriters we work with:

Michelle Hodgson of Key Words:

Louise Turner of Wordsmiths Unlimited:


Case Study: Chadwick Lawrence

In every design we cover our 3 keys: bold headline, eye-catching image and call to action. In this design, you see the bold headline is in the form of a question which relates to the target audience. Below we then position Chadwick Lawrence as the solution (this can also feature as a sub-headline). The call to action capitalises the action word ‘now’ as we want people to respond promptly. Often a call to action may include a discount or gift, but for this design, it wasn’t appropriate. The back of the flyer then re-iterates the front and using a little additional info, further encourages the receiver to respond.  Simple and effective.


When you’re ready for your next flyer distribution campaign please don’t hesitate to ask for a free consultation on the copy of your artwork.