It’s Christmas Shopping time! Here’s how Your Business can Benefit

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People have already started Christmas shopping!

This info-graphic from Yesmail Interactive shows that 38.1% of people start their Christmas shopping before November. This jumps up to 69.8% of people starting their Christmas shopping before the 1st of December. So, in the 3 months run-up to Christmas, nearly 70% of shoppers are in the Christmas buying mood.  So if you wait until December to market, you are cutting it fine!

Best strategy for creating more Christmas custom

As always, if you haven't been doing any distribution recently, you will need to utilise our drip marketing strategies to see the real benefit and business growth.  We are recommending to most clients to do a distribution in November, follow it up to the same people with a reminder/last-minute incentive, and then complete it in January to draw them in for your January sales.  If you need to get everything out before Christmas, then try starting the process in October.

If you're unsure what strategy is best for your business then please make sure to contact us today. We can organise a free campaign consultation, or create one straight away over the phone.

Ideal Christmas businesses

Here are just a few businesses I thought of that can directly benefit from a Christmas campaign:

-        Activity centres – for company and family Christmas party events.

-        Butchers and Farm Shops – turkeys and all the trimmings.

-        Card shops – this one is obvious!

-        Garden Centres – trees and all the trimmings.

-        Garages – winter car checks.

-        General high street/retail shops – presents.

-        Heating companies – it's around this time of year peoples' boilers break.

-        Hotels and places with function rooms – to host Christmas parties.

-        Jewellers – a popular time for engagement rings and jewellery generally.

-        Restaurants – Christmas meal, works Christmas meal, etc.

-        Tyre shops – winter tyres.

Act now!

If your business tends to see a boost come Christmas time then it really is time to start your advertisements now.  We are taking Christmas campaign bookings already so please contact us today, so you don't miss out.