Do You Care About Our Environment?

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As business leaders, we can play a major part in protecting and enhancing our environment.  Be it big decisions such as changing all company vehicles to electric, down to much simpler changes such as using environmentally friendly paper for your printing.  Read on to see how you can make a difference.


What are we doing to help?

Mr Flyer is now offering you the opportunity to capture the CO2 emissions from your printing purchases by planting native woodland, right here in the UK, through the Woodland Trust and the Woodland Carbon Scheme. 


How does it work?

It's very simple – simply request that you would like us to print your flyers (or other business stationery) on Carbon Capture paper.   We can even let you know the amount of CO2 generated in the production and delivery of your paper.   For one client over a 9-month period the calculation equated to over 140m of trees planted and over 5 tons of CO2 captured! All Carbon Capture charges will be paid to the Woodland Trust who will plant woodland at one f their accredited woodland creation sites in the UK. 


What is Woodland Carbon?

Woodland carbon is an accredited, award-winning carbon removal scheme that is operated under the Governments 2011 Woodland Carbon Code.   As a business, you can reduce your environmental impact and mitigate your carbon emissions through funding tree planting with the Woodland Trust, the UK's leading woodland conservation charity.  It is estimated that 25m2 of native British woodland captures and stores at least 1 ton of CO2


Won't it look like awful recycled paper?

Thankfully not!  In fact, we may well have already been printing your paper on this because it looks and feels exactly the same, and depending on the paper stock and quantity, doesn't cost us extra.


Won’t it cost a lot more?

Not usually.  Depending on the paperweight and quantity used, we can often use Carbon Capture paper at no extra cost.  If you do want us to use this paper, please do specify.


How can you show your clients you care about the environment?

One simple way is to include the Carbon capture logo on your print jobs where the CO2 has been captured from the paper purchases.  Using the logo enhances your brand and reinforces your environmental message.   If we are doing your artwork, simply request we add it for you, or if you have your own designer, we can provide you with the logo.

For more info please visit or give us a call on 01484 598555 and ask for Andrew.