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Does door to door distribution work for Recruitment?

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Recently while visiting a client he stated he would like to change the purpose of his campaigns from new work to more staff.  It got me thinking; does leaflet distribution really help bring in new staff as well as new leads?  To put this to the test, we designed, printed and distributed our own recruitment flyers to help boost our number of distributors.  This blog will show you how it went, and how you too can potentially benefit from it.


Target Appropriately

The key to any flyer campaign is to know whom you want to attract.  As our distributors walk on average 10 miles per day whilst carrying your flyers, they certainly need to be fit and also driven. We, therefore, decided on this particular campaign to target people who are very physically active, and like a bit of competition.


How it Compares to Other Methods

The previous methods of recruitment we had used were advertising on Indeed, advertising at Huddersfield University, the odd Facebook ad, and giving a referral bonus to current staff.  Only Facebook gives the option to really target who you want to see your advert, but despite the useful targeting, it rarely generates many applications. Indeed brings in many applications but mainly from people who are clicking on every job shown!


The Design Principles

As you can see from our flyer design, we used a headline to attract fitness enthusiasts, and to raise their competitiveness illustrated the credentials of one of our star distributors.  We then provided a very simple link for them to apply.  Once on the link, there's a required drop-down option so we can track how many applicants came via the flyer.   We deliberately avoided our contact number as it can be very time consuming answering numerous job queries.


The Demographics

There was no need to print the paper on anything fancy, so we stuck with standard A5 double-sided 130gsm.  As for locations, we chose areas that have a high density of students and the younger generation.  We distributed them on a shared distribution.  To date, we have distributed 6000 flyers.


How we Did

Here are the stats and the quality of referrals we received as a result. 10 people responded to our flyers, and we now employ 2 of these people.  To put this into perspective, with indeed we need an average of over 100 applications to employ just 1 distributor.   As a result, our admin time has dramatically reduced, and the appropriateness has increased.  As you can see, this has been very effective for us.  By creating the appropriate message and distributing them to the ideal demographic, we generated a strong number of ideal applicants, whom we have been able to successfully provide employment to.


If this has been a light bulb moment or you, and you too would like to boost your recruitment with targeted campaigns, please do get in contact with us today.