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Door to Door Distribution

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Door to Door distribution is one of the most cost-effective targeted marketing solutions for any business. If you want to reach consumers in a given area, then our door to door service is what you need

For example, you're the Marketing Manager for ten estate agency branches and are tasked to increase valuation leads from local homeowners around each branch… we pull out our maps, consult our supercomputer (aka Experian!) and plot the most appropriate postcode sectors to target your perfect demographic.

Our Door to Door service includes creating a bespoke campaign specifically for your business. We know each customer is different, so we'll work together with you to develop a solid strategy and put a plan in place to create a campaign that has the best chance of success.

Mr Flyer will devise your super strategy based on the following

Target Audience
We ask you who your ideal client is, and then tailor your distribution around this key component.

Based on your ideal client and the areas your business covers, we recommend the most appropriate locations for you.

We look at your chosen locations and combine this with your budget to establish the right quantity for your business.

Your design will always include our three keys to a successful flyer: bold headline, eye catching image and a call to action.

We print on the perfect size and style for your business based on your target audience, type of business and budget.

Type of distribution
We typically use one strategy for consumers (door to door), and another for businesses (direct mail)

Drip effect marketing studies show the higher the frequency, the higher the response. We recommend a minimum three stage repeat strategy.

We look at your response rate and use those results to create an even better repeat campaign.

Where would you like to cover?

Shared distribution

Thanks to our affiliation with the Royal Mail, we can offer postcode specific, targeted distribution throughout the UK; be it the tip of Dunnet Head on the north coast of Scotland, or the bottom of Lizard in Cornwall! And of course, your flyer will never be distributed with direct competition. Logistically, once your flyer is designed (for best results, by our in-house design team), we will print them for you and make all the necessary arrangements to ensure they are delivered and distributed on time.

Looking to reach a more targeted audience?

If this doesn’t sound targeted enough for your business then the likelihood is that a direct mail distribution would be more appropriate. You can take a look at our direct mail blog by clicking here

If door to door leaflet distribution looks ideal for your business, then you can get going straight away by simply giving us a call on 01484 598555 or emailing [email protected]