Easter: Fairytale or Fact?

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What is the real meaning of Easter? Is it a time to simply eat lots of easter eggs? Are you like me, waiting for Easter Monday when eggs are half price at Thorntons? Do you make the special effort to go to church on Easter Sunday? This blog will remind you of the real meaning of Easter and why it can profoundly affect you.


Why Easter?

Easter is in memory of Jesus who was crucified on the cross (Good Friday) and miraculously rose again after 3 days.  


Why did this happen? 

In the Old Testament the Jews used to sacrifice animals when they sinned (did wrong) to atone for their wrongdoing. God stated that sin could only be atoned by the shedding of blood.   However, it was regularly prophesied that someone would come to be the ultimate sacrifice, meaning no more animal sacrifices would be needed.  It was also prophesied that this sacrifice would rise again. 


Is it just a fairytale?

Absolutely not! Not only is it heavily documented in the Bible; there is now historical evidence to prove that this event happened.

Take a look at this link that gives evidence that Jesus died on the cross:

Now, take a look at this link that gives evidence that Jesus did rise from the dead:


How does it affect you?

Thanks to Jesus being the ultimate sacrifice and dying for our sins, we now have access to Heaven and a personal relationship with Him.  How? There is something called the ‘sinners prayer’, which goes something like this: “Jesus, I acknowledge I have done wrong, I believe you came to earth to die and rise again for my sins, I give you my life, amen.”  The Bible states that by repenting (saying and meaning the prayer) and being baptised, you WILL go to Heaven and have eternal life.  Why? Because God loves you and his desire is for you to spend eternity with him.  To find out more please do email me: [email protected] or call 01484 598555.


Where’s the best place to celebrate Easter?

If you are in or around Huddersfield there will be an excellent Easter celebration this Sunday at Huddersfield Christian Fellowship, which is at Cathedral House.  Over 1000 people are expected to be there, and it is certainly an opportunity not to be missed.  The service starts at 10:30am.  Click here for more details on the church.


Happy Easter from Mr Flyer!