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Extra distribution credentials

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If you are looking round to see which leaflet distribution company you think will generate you the best returns, then this blog is for you.  I go through why Mr Flyer is trustworthy, more professional and generates higher response rates compared with our competition.


Live GPS Tracking

You may have looked at other companies and read their hype about providing GPS tracking.  Well rest at ease, we do too!  In fact, we take it one step further and offer LIVE GPS Tracking.  With our live tracking, you can see exactly when and where your flyers are distributed in real-time.


Qualified distributors

What’s more, we fully employ our distributors. ‘Who cares’, you ask.  Well, this means we have full control of our team; they go through surprisingly rigorous training and are held accountable for everything they do.  As such, we don’t run into the same problems as many other distribution companies who are let down by their dodgy distributors. 


Safe starting point

Your leaflets are securely stored in either our Head Office or at one of our secure Branches.  These are fully alarmed and have CCTV in operation, meaning your flyers really are in safe hands.


Direct Marketing Association (DMA) member

We are fully accredited by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).  The DMA set out strict codes of conduct that we comply with in order to guarantee you receive the best possible service.  This is a very prestigious organisation with very few flyer distribution companies making the bill for membership.


100% Guarantee

Thanks to all the above, we are able to confidently offer our 100% GUARANTEE that all of your leaflets are fully distributed by us every time.  If they weren’t, then you would be sure to receive appropriate compensation.    


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