Door to door Distribution

Flyers Distributed Live!

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It is often difficult to distinguish one distribution company from the next.  Many now offer GPS tracking, so that’s enough isn’t it? No!  Read on to read why live GPS tracking is essential.

Do these questions sound anything like you:

“How do I know you will actually distribute my flyers?”
“You can’t prove that you will actually distribute my leaflets.”

“I can get it distributed cheaper elsewhere, why should I go with you?”

Importance of integrity

I regularly hear potential clients rightfully challenge honesty and integrity for their leaflet distribution campaign.  This is of no surprise to me because it’s exactly what I would ask too.

Some leaflet distribution businesses don’t give any feedback as proof of the distribution, others go round with a clipboard and get signatures from random houses in the distributed area, and others record on a map where they distributed.  But are these enough?

Here’s what to be aware of:

1.    ‘We do back checks’.  When we were in our infancy as a company we heard of companies doing this and thought its fine. However, we then learned that many companies offering this in fact simply put a leaflet through a few doors and knock on each requesting a signature to acknowledge they received the flyer.  Well of course they did, but what about the other 996 houses!

2.    ‘We give you a list of the streets we do’. Can you really be bothered to read all these? What are you supposed to do with the list? Go back and check that the list is true? I have never understood the point of this system.

3.   ‘We provide GPS tracking’. Surely this is irrefutable?  We recently learned its not. A client reported that the last distribution company they used sent them maps after the distribution, which was supposed to be their tracking. It turned out they were tracking of the same areas, but from a completely different time, and not with their flyers. They send everyone the same tracking image when they choose that area!

Flyers distributed Live

At Mr Flyer we have developed a strategy where by our distributors are fitted with a GPS tracking system, which gives our clients the chance to watch their flyers distributed live!  Our client can follow this via a personal link so they can see the distribution take place live.  This service even includes exact start and finish times, the date, miles walked, average walking speed and calories burned by each distributor!  Existing clients really value being able to watch their flyers distributed live as it gives full assurance and transparency that the job is done correct.  If you would like to find out more please contact us today so we can give you a guaranteed distribution service.