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We are now entering a much more exciting season as Britain looks to get the cogs turning again following an almost stand-still during the past couple of months.

As businesses look to get started again, you may find yourself in one of the following categories:

1) A complete halt of all work, with no enquiries, leads or outstanding business;

2) A trickle of enquiries that will keep you busy for a couple of days or weeks, but not much beyond that; or

3) A backlog of enquiries and customers patiently expecting your return, leaving you pulling your hair out at not knowing where to begin or how you’ll handle it all.

Hopefully, the third category is where you find yourself. But even if you do, what happens when you’ve worked through the backlog?

Marketing right now still remains of utmost importance.

Touching base with your clients lets them know you are open for business, instead of wondering and then deciding not to bother even trying to find out. It lets your customers know you are ready to fix their problems and solve their needs. And it helps you as a business survive during these unprecedented times. 92% of UK consumers feel that brands should still be advertising at this time*.

And 99% of UK consumers* are engaging with mail!

Whether it’s a leaflet through the door or a personalised letter, print marketing is more timely now than ever. People who would normally be rushing through their working day (and not giving a second thought to whatever lands through their letterbox) suddenly find themselves with time on their hands.

A piece of mail is noticed. It stands out from the digital crowd and offers a tangible, personable and, perhaps most importantly, trustworthy message.

Mail services haven’t shut down during this time. And those fortunate enough to have thought ahead and sent out print during this time will undoubtedly see high read rates (if they’re closed) and response rates for when they are open.

So don’t leave it until your competitors are back up and running – get back on track and get ahead.

If you would like to plan your next big marketing campaign, give us a call – we are open as normal and will be more than happy to help you build your business. Contact us today.

*Source: DMA