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Is it enough to "get your name out there"?

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Here at Mr Flyer, we receive many enquiries for distributions, where a business owner, with the right intentions, will have already made a nice looking leaflet, but with the wrong message. This isn't their fault, rather it is a common misunderstanding of the purpose of leaflet marketing.

The natural thought process to build your business through leafleting is that your flyers will be going to people of all shapes and sizes.

Person A may need their gutters clearing.

Person B might need their lawn mowing.

Person C might need their hedges trimmed.

Person D might need their driveway power-washed.

So the common strategy is to try and produce 4 different leaflets in one. The result is a novella of the different services your business provides.

This business owner then gives their leaflet a nice font, nice colours, nice pictures and even a readable font size. Voiloir - leaflet done. A4 folded. Ready to post.


There is a slight problem with this strategy though:

Person A works full time in a busy office environment. This is why they've not had time to clear the gutters.

Person B is a single mother with 2 kids. She spends most of her day cleaning up after her cheeky monkeys and rushing to get their meals ready.

Person C is an old lady who has neither the tools nor the physical means to reach the top of the hedges. She gets cold calls all day about life insurance or PPI, salesmen knocking at her door to sell her double glazing etc.

Person D is a grandad, whose power washer recently broke, but he's very independent and looking to buy a new one at the weekend.

And what about Person E, who is quite happy with their garden and doesn't fancy paying for someone else to do work on it?

Suddenly, all of them have a shared problem - none of them are prepared to spend more than 5, maybe 10 seconds to read a sales pamphlet. On many leaflets that would get them as far as the section about when the business was established!

So, what is the conclusion we can draw from this?

The conclusion we can draw, and the strategy that has proven most successful in the past, is that your leaflet doesn't need to be 4 leaflets in 1. It needs to reach out to the common element that everyone shares.

Lack of time

Put aside your passion for your business and focus on one goal:

How can I summarise my business in 10 seconds?

In the above example, one way could be:


Do you need work doing on your garden or home exterior?

CALL TODAY for affordable gardening solutions from a local, experienced team

Mr Garden - 0800 1234567


This needs to be the core of your flyer. After this, you can put on whatever you like - a list of your services, discount voucher, areas you cover. And this is transferrable to any industry.

That's it.

It's as simple as that and it's so much more than getting your name out there. Its the difference between informational and actionable.


So what if you've already done informational? Well you'll probably find it didn't  work out very well for response. But it's not too late.

One of the keys to successful leafleting is repetition. Following up from informational with actionable is actually very helpful and provided you've taken into account other factors, should be much more fruitful for your business growth.

Quick exercise for you: how would you summarise this blog?

This is my attempt.


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