Is your business counting on Christmas?

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Christmas has come around already.  Shops have had Christmas items on display for weeks, ready for the more organised shoppers among us.  We have boosted our capacity in both offices to cater for the surge in work for Christmas.  Are you ready to build your business this Christmas?  If so, the planning needs to start today…

Is your business product/service right for Christmas?
It is not just general high street shops that benefit from Christmas.  Here are a few business sectors that can thrive at Christmas:

  • Retail shops
  • Restaurants (no stress of cooking this Christmas)
  • Fireplace and stove companies (keep warm this Christmas…)
  • Hotels (people getting away for Christmas)
  • Travel agencies (last minute Christmas breaks)
  • Garages (winter service, winter tyres)
  • Taxi firms (Christmas parties, airport runs…)
  • Garden centres (Christmas trees and decorations)
  • Farm shops (the turkey and all the trimmings!)
  • Heating engineers (boiler on the brink)

Who gives the ideal gift vouchers?
So many businesses can also benefit from providing gift vouchers too, here’s some ideas:

  • Driving instructors
  • Golf clubs
  • Dance clubs
  • Beauty/massage/hair salons
  • Day trips/experience days

What about post Christmas? 
Of course, to advertise for straight after Christmas, your marketing needs to go out before Christmas.  Here are a few business sectors we thought of that can see a surge straight after Christmas:

  • Gyms (get fit new years resolution)
  • Cleaners
  • January sales retail
  • Furniture shops
  • Martial arts clubs (get fit new years resolution)
  • Dance clubs (get fit new years resolution)

Don’t forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday!
Black Friday (27th of November) and Cyber Monday (30th of November) are key days in the retail calendar.  There is still time to ensure consumers visit you over your competitors, by Mr flyer creating you enticing campaigns that are sure to attract people to your business.

Marketing tip: Targeting men or women?
Whilst reading articles in prep for this blog, I noticed an interesting paragraph in the Mirror: “Men are likely to spend £24 more on presents than women but women will put more thought into their gift buying with one in ten spending up to 14 days trawling for the ideal item, compared to just 3% of men who are prepared to put in some legwork.” 
The lesson here in terms of marketing is, if targeting women focus on appealing to the emotional or thoughtful psyche, where as for the men show your offering to be the quick and hassle free solution.  Don’t forget also, kids can have a huge influence on the purchasing decisions of their parents!

Overwhelmed with what, who, where, how and when to target?
Don’t worry; we are here to remove the hassle.  Here are the 3 simple steps to move forward:

  1. Call us and discuss any thoughts you have about a potential flyer distribution campaign.
  2. We can create the design (along with ideas for design), the print and the distribution demographic – no need for you to stress.
  3. We distribute your flyers in time to catch the Christmas/post Christmas custom.


Don’t delay on building your business this Christmas. Call our Head Office today on 01484 598555 and we can help create the perfect Christmas campaign for you and your business.