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Leaflet Distribution services with Mr Flyer and… Big Brother?

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I don't know if anyone still watches Big Brother, but recently a friend said to me that Mr Flyer and our leaflet distribution service is a bit like Big Brother. No, it's not a rubbish reality tv show, but it is similar in another way…

I googled 'Big Brother' to see the history of the term and found out it originates from George Orwell's classic novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.  The one similarity I read on the ever accurate Wikipedia page was the omnipresent government surveillance.  Maybe this is what my friend was referring to! 


Live GPS Tracking

As part of our leaflet distribution service we include Live GPS Tracking so that each of our distributors can be followed online – the omnipresent surveillance.  We use this to keep a close 'eye' on our leaflet distributions to ensure our distributors stay within their given location, don't miss out key streets, and check they are going to every house.  Also, through the new client login facility, we provide our client with the very same information.  We have had clients use the tracking and actually go to the distributor to check their distribution is undertaken as expected.  We encourage this because it gives assurance to our clients that we employ the best people who work with absolute integrity.


What we thought of to take it one step further …video tracked leaflet distribution

Every so often we get a call from a prospective client who has been stung in the past by a rogue distribution company which offered no tracking facility.  Even with our Live GPS tracking, they are still somewhat dubious. We need an ultimate strategy for such clients.  We are looking at going fully Big Brother and introducing mini-cameras on our distributors so that clients can see a video of their distribution. Is this taking it one step too far?  Or would you love to have such a service from us?  If we receive enough interest, we will launch the service by Christmas.  We may just do it as a one-off to create a unique YouTube video!  We would love to hear your feedback either way! Please comment on the blog comment section or send us an email.