Litho Printing versus Digital Printing

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The battle in the printing world…who’s the winner? Mr Flyer explains all.  Many of our clients ask us what’s best out of Litho printing and Digital printing? You too may be wondering why some printing companies advertise digital printing, whilst others advertise Litho printing. Which is the cheapest? Which is the fastest? And which is the best quality?


Well let's explain the pros and cons of both:

Digital printing Pros:

- It is a very fast printing option. You could order it in the morning and receive it by the afternoon.

- It is the cheapest option for low quantity printing. The threshold is around the 500 range.

Digital printing Cons:

- The quality of print is inferior to Litho, particularly for full colour images with lots of gradients.

- After a run of 500 the price begins to become expensive.

Litho Printing Pros:

- This is very high quality printing.

- The quantities can go into the hundreds of thousands with just one order.

Litho Printing Cons:

- Time consuming. Average turnaround with us is 6-7 working days.

- Expensive on very short print runs.


So who’s the winner? Well, this is dependant on what you as the client require. If it’s a quick short run you need, then digital printing is the clear winner. However, if you need a large quantity and want top quality then Litho printing is undoubtedly the champion.

At Mr Flyer we do all our own stationery using litho printing, and generally recommend our clients to do the same. Unless it is a very small print order, it is well worth waiting the few extra days.  All the leaflets and flyers we print for distributions are also done litho as the quantities are generally 5,000 upwards.