Mr Flyer helps to “Make It Digital” with the BBC

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We have always been big fans of the digital world, and now we are going one step further by helping young people gain opportunities and experience in the digital world.

Earlier this year the BBC launched a National Traineeship programme aimed at developing young people aged 16-24 to prepare them for entry-level jobs and Apprenticeships across the UK. This is a key part of the BBC’s ‘Make it Digital’ year of 2015.

Working alongside Huddersfield based YH Training, we have offered work experience for one of the Traineeship participants, Stephen Dixon. At just 19 years old Stephen recently completed his studies at Kirklees College and was looking for an opportunity to develop his skills in the filming industry.

As part of his placement here at Mr Flyer, Stephen is required to complete a digital project that he can use in his portfolio. Stephen has been tasked to create a video named “A day in the life of a distributor” and a “Mr Flyer distributor induction” which will showcase the benefits of working as a leaflet distributor at Mr Flyer and how to do the job properly.

Two weeks into his placement, Stephen is already reaping the new knowledge he has learnt and enjoying his start to his working life. He comments, “I never imagined myself working from a desk, here I am enjoying every aspect of it at Mr Flyer”.

General Manager, Michael Gladstone is clearly impressed by Stephen’s work so far; “Stephen has made a great start to his work experience with us, and we are looking forward to seeing the completed video which will help us with our digital marketing efforts.”

Having seen part of the videos already we are all really excited to see the finished products, which we hope to be ready by the end of this week. 

If you would like to help Stephen move forward in his career, and are in need of a training or promotional video for your business, then please let us know, and we can put you directly in touch with Stephen.