Mr Flyer joins the does this benefit you?

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Here at Mr Flyer we have recently joined the DMA – Direct Marketing Association. The purpose of this blog is to quickly let you know what the DMA is all about and why we believe it will enable us to serve you, our clients, even better, and generate you a higher ROI.  It is also to see if you're missing a trick and really need to join the DMA too.


What/who is the DMA?

Direct from the DMA's website:  "…the UK's largest direct marketing trade association. We are at the leading edge of everything to do with DM, from traditional mailings to online and viral campaigns."


Particular relevance to Mr Flyer

Again, direct from their site: "The accreditation that comes with the membership is valuable in itself. (In fact, many tenders actually require DMA membership.) But what really adds value is the free access to a whole range of expert advice and high-quality professional resources – services that could normally cost you thousands of pounds."  Our objective is to continually improve the level of service that we offer to our ever-increasing client base, joining the DMA seemed a natural progressional step to maintaining our objective.


How it affects you, our clients/future clients

So you now understand that being a part of the DMA brings high accreditation and prestige.  Furthermore, unlike the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses), this comes with a pretty hefty price tag and relatively strict criteria for being accepted as a member.  As such, the chances are that any leaflet distribution company part of the DMA will generally be of a better calibre than a company with no such affiliation.  So not only do we now have an overwhelming amount of useful door drop marketing info at our fingertips, we also have the accreditation to back up and maintain our top reputation.


Mr Flyer moving forward

Not to sound like the CEO of a big plc writing an annual letter to his shareholders, but this really is an exciting year here at Mr Flyer.  We see our business go from strength to strength, our brand is moving on leaps and bounds, our credibility, and position as door to door marketing consultancy specialists are all increasing at a very healthy rate.  Adding DMA accreditation was an obvious decision for us moving forward.


Should you join the DMA?

The DMA is not just for flyer distribution; it encompasses all forms of direct marketing.  Here is a link to see if your business sector is covered, and hopefully you will be able to identify if it will help enhance your business too:


If you have any questions or would like to know more please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.