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Mr Flyer Says No to A5 Flyers! They Are Too Boring!

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Here at Mr Flyer, we have decided to deliver A5 flyers no more!

No more A5 designs, no more A5 printing and no more A5 door-to-door distributions. Please don't even ask for the'll get a resounding NO!

But why? Aren't A5 flyers the staple diet of leaflet drops?

We hope that by the end of this blog, you are equipped to execute leaflet distribution campaigns that have a more significant impact than ever before.

So here's what we will cover:

  1. Why we're saying no to boring A5 flyers.
  2. What sparked this change.
  3. The all-new approach to leaflet distribution marketing.

Why we're saying no to boring A5 flyers

For decades A5 flyers have been the most popular choice. They are cost-effective, not too big or too small, and fit comfortably through a letterbox.

But...consumers are soooo bored of receiving them. As such, the results are diminishing. They are too 'safe'. Nowadays, being 'safe' in marketing is the riskiest place to be. Average artwork, lazy copy and cheap paper culminate in sub-par results.

The whole ethos at Mr Flyer is to help build your business and build your brand. If the old ways of doing things aren't cutting it, then change is needed.


What sparked the change

In Steven Bartlett's book, The Diary of a CEO, he states that safe marketing doesn't work. 'Safe' doesn't bypass habituation (what we are used to) and, therefore, doesn't usually resonate. Instead, he recommends creating a 'Frenzy' by using terminology and images that are unexpected, unusual, and unsaturated.

He said, "Great marketing is uncomfortable. It springs the dormant brain into a neurological frenzy."

Has a standard A5 flyer ever sent you into a neurological frenzy?! It's pretty doubtful! Instead, it becomes what Steven has coined, 'wallpaper':

"'Wallpaper' as I call it - the overuse of popular terms, phrases and calls to action to the point that the brain habituates to them and tunes them out - is the enemy of effective and successful storytelling and marketing. Marketing teams default to using common phrases through laziness, risk-aversion and a lack of creativity. But this law shows that if you have an important message and want to infiltrate the brain's circuitry, grab its attention and be received with meaning,use terminology that is unexpected, unusual and unsaturated."

We have known for a good while that a change was needed to improve your response rates, but we were unsure what that was. This chapter from Steven's book confirmed it and sparked this pivotal change.


The all-new approach to leaflet distribution marketing

Years ago, leafleting focused on proof of delivery - even now, you see companies stating they provide GPS tracking in an attempt to 'prove' they deliver.

With this, the mindset was and often still is on quantity - how many can you distribute for your budget? Some businesses think £25 per 1,000 is a great deal, rather than, in reality, a great risk!

We've changed all that. Our focus is not on proof or volume but on effectiveness.

Focusing on a cheap price and high quantity over quality and effectiveness is like doing 100 terrible technique reps on bench-press with 1kg dumbbells and expecting to look like Arnie!

Consider, would you prefer to invest £5,000 to design, print and distribute:

A. 100,000 A5 flyers with the cheapest company you can find,

B. 50,000 A5 flyers with GPS tracking,

C. 30,000-45,000 flyers that are entirely bespoke, incredibly engaging and nothing like what people are in the habit of receiving.

What you send out determines what you receive back

Effectiveness concentrates firstly on what you send. The design and print. The copy and the images. The shape, paperweight, finish, and style of artwork can now be memorable, fun, and engaging.



Now, we allocate our designer free reign on the design, with much more time to complete - more than double previously. Moreover, our team comes together and brainstorms on your behalf to help give ideas and inspiration to our designer.


All print is now bespoke - you can have die-cut shapes - houses, trucks, people, circles or anything else appropriate. To keep costs down, we are also introducing new 'standard' paper sizes (with many finishes and weights available): 1/2 A4 long 210x210mm square A4 folded to 1/2 A4 long


When it comes to the distribution element, you probably know that repetition is also crucial to your success - we've been going on about it for years (the drip effect marketing strategy). That's why we create compelling campaigns tailored to your audience that are repeated monthly. No one-hit wonders - strategic drip-effect marketing results are so much better.

However, repetition isn't effective if you repeat the same thing! Each month, send something completely different. Yes, it will be on brand each time, but mix up the shape, the finish, the headline, the main image, content and CTA.

Steven states, "In order to be heard, tell stories in an unrepetitive, unfiltered and unconventional way."


Your next step

If you want to break the mould, see significant returns, and be bold with your distribution campaigns, then contact us today and be ready to be amazed with what we create for you!