Introducing our New Sales Consultant

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We would like to introduce you to our latest Sales Consultant, Cuong Tuan Dinh. Cuong joined us a few weeks ago and has settled in amazingly well.

As you will most likely be working with Cuong over the coming weeks, we thought it would be good to share a bit about him. And who better to do that than Cuong himself! So in his own words...

"Hi, my name is Cuong (it’s pronounced “Kong” as in King Kong). Originally from Vietnam, I came to the UK last year to finish my Bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management with Logistics simply because I wanted to challenge myself. And what is a better way to do that than moving halfway across the world amidst a global pandemic to finish my degree online? That being said, my time in the UK thus far has been nothing short of an incredible journey.

That journey came to a new chapter – and a fascinating one at that – when I joined Mr Flyer a few weeks ago. From the very first day, I was introduced to a wide array of high-quality services that Mr Flyer offers to its diverse clientele. Especially, I have had the chance to meet with a team of highly competent sales consultants, from whom I have learned much about how to deliver the most appropriate solutions to businesses. At Mr Flyer, the ultimate goal is always to make life simpler, faster, and cheaper for our clients. This ties in perfectly with my personal philosophy of always trying to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone I meet. Hopefully, as I continue to work and grow at Mr Flyer, I would have the privilege of helping you make a difference in your business."

We will be announcing some more very exciting news in the coming weeks, which will add a substantially new product range to our current offerings. Please keep up to date with how all these can help build your business by following us on our social media channels.

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Kind Regards,

Andrew Robinson

Head of Sales & Marketing