Will Huddersfield Based Businesses Benefit from Towns’ Momentous Promotion?

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For those of us who are from Huddersfield, something that few of us ever thought would be possible, really did happen yesterday – Huddersfield Town were promoted to the illustrious Premier League!  As Huddersfield based businesses, will it help boost our business at all?


£200m coming to Huddersfield

Having eagerly read the Examiner this morning, a quote from our MP Barry Sheerman said this win will take our Town to the next level in every way, and will help with a huge number of regeneration projects too. I couldn't agree more, for Huddersfield, this promotion brings so much more than simply Premier League football.  I believe it will boost our local economy and many Huddersfield based businesses will see their most profitable year ever.


This puts us on the student map

Anyone living south of Sheffield may not have even heard of Huddersfield, never mind contemplated visiting here.  This is especially true for college students looking for University.  Huddersfield University already has a strong reputation but coupled with the Town's exposure from the Premier League I firmly believe the University will see a huge boost in applications. 


This, in turn, has a positive effect on the Town – more students equals more big student loans been spent in our Town!  This means Huddersfield town centre thrives, and investment into the Town can be justified.  This then creates more design and construction jobs. In addition, the influx of new students who now have Premier League football to watch, a growing town centre to take advantage of, and more and more jobs opening up – there's a good chance of actually keeping hold of some of these bright young minds instead of losing them to our neighbours: Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield.


Thousands of visitors every home match

Saturdays will soon be swamped with hungry and thirsty away supporters who are more than happy to invest their money in our local shops (and car parks).  This couples with the points above that much more money will be entering our Town, and therefore the investment into our Town is justifiable and affordable.


What other businesses benefit?

In no particular order we had a quick brainstorm in the office of businesses that should really push forward to grow from this:

·      The Examiner – they actually have something exciting to write about!

·      Huddersfield University – applications are bound to rocket as a result.

·      HTAFC partners – TV exposure has now rocketed, and PR opportunities are so much greater.

·      Merchandise companies –start making relationships with HTAFC ASAP as the town shop will be exploding with merchandise sales.

·      Coach companies – away games now are going to have so many fans looking to travel.

·      Town centre shops, bars and food places – so many more people will be here for home games with money to spend.

·      Architects, designers, builders – all the staff and players at the club will likely be receiving bonuses and pay rises, and one thing they will likely invest in is their home.

·      Car garages – same reason as above

·      Estate agents – house prices will likely rise as more buyers come to the market and sales demand increases

·      Student landlords and letting agents – expect to see an influx of students

·      Hospitality – not just restaurants as above, but hotels will have much more demand on match weekends

·      This list can go on and on!


Boost for local kids football clubs

Talk about an amazing encouragement to our rising star footballers – they now have the inspiration of rising through the town academy with the prospect of Premier League football.  If you don't already, why not look to sponsor one of these teams, so they have the finances in place to really build the skills of our youth teams.


What can we do to keep Town up?

I'm sure you will agree it is in all our best interests to keep Town in the Premier League.  I have already emailed Sean Jarvis and Jonathan Wilkinson with congratulations and to offer our support in whatever way we can to help ensure Town can remain in the Premiership.  I implore you to do the same. We can make Huddersfield a great town again by working together as local businesses to support our team.