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Case Study: Swift Direct Blinds

Did you know we print for our clients too? Despite our tag line being "the print marketing agency", many people still don't realise we aren't just a leaflet distribution company. Swift Direct Blinds came to us with their printing requirements in 2017 and have used us ever since.

The Client: Swift Direct Blinds are an online interior blinds retailer based out of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Established in 1960, they offer a wide range of blinds based on function, aesthetics, fit and practicality.

The Print Products: Swift first got in touch with us in 2017. Marija, their then marketing executive, required some printed materials for their customer orders. Since that initial contact, we have managed their print for a wide range of products, including bespoke samples envelopes, leaflets, packing strips and booklets.

Bespoke Print Product: The samples envelopes were the most intriguing project. Bespoke print is a change of pace from the flyers, leaflets, booklets, business cards and banners we're used to regularly printing for our clients. So rather than turning the project down, we sought a solution to save the client time and difficulty finding something that would work themselves.

Swift needed an envelope that was fully branded to hold sample materials and product information. The solution: Using a die-cutting process, we produced a creased mailer to hold up to 10mm of items - sufficient for fabrics and leaflets. It also needed to be printed on a sufficiently thick card to sustain the weight and finished in a writable coating, which we achieved with a 250gsm uncoated finish.

The Results: Needless to say, they were delighted with the results and have since ordered over 100,000 of these to send to their customers. Swift Direct Blinds continue to print with us to this day. We strive to give them excellent service on every print project and get the items to them as quickly as possible so their customers aren't left waiting.

The Client's Feedback: "It's an absolute pleasure to work with the guys from Mr Flyer. We get all our print marketing done with them, they always make very valuable suggestions, deliver on time and offer a competitive price. Really good customer service. We've been working together for almost a year and we wouldn't go anywhere else. Definitely recommend!" Marija - Swift Direct Blinds