Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust | Printing Case Study

Case Study: Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust

How quickly can we print and deliver? Many clients come to us when they've been let down on timings. We can't always help, but when we can, we pull all the stops. This is exactly what we did when Fi from Joseph Rowntree came to us.

The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust (JRHT) is a registered housing association and care provider in northeast England. It is working with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) to inspire social change.

'We were established more than 100 years ago by Joseph Rowntree to provide housing in communities. We work with JRF to understand the root causes of social problems. Our shared vision is of a prosperous, poverty-free UK. We work with our residents to help them make ends meet.'

As part of their services, Joseph Rowntree have a community Folk Hall that holds regular events and activities for the residents of New Earswick. They had just finished creating their June-July newsletter and What's On guide, but at the last minute, they were let down by another printer, who couldn't turn it around in time.

Additional pressure was also created by the Queens Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend. The newsletters and guides needed printing in time to be handed over to JRHT, with the first events taking place on the 1st of June. This deadline gave us only four working days to turn it all around!

The print process is simple enough (quote, order, invoice, artwork, proof, print). But for ISO purposes, some checkpoints can hold the process up. We wasted no time getting the quote together for Fi. Then once we had the order and both sets of print-ready artwork, we got the proofs signed off just in time to meet the print deadlines (leaving no room for error).

As an extra measure, we arranged a dedicated courier to deliver the print to 2 separate addresses (rather than risking a standard courier network). As a result, Fi got the print on the 1st June, ready to hand out to their residents.

Joseph Rowntree were extremely pleased with the service and are sending more print work our way as a result. We look forward to helping them longer term and building that relationship further.

Quote from Fi: "Mr Flyer has printed our newsletters for a while, but a very particular thank you so much for this recent job....... we'd been let down and needed our booklets printed in the two days before the bank holiday.........and then delivered to two places......... Jacob was so helpful and everything was printed beautifully and delivered on time to both sites - thank you! We're delighted that you're here!"