Leaflet Distribution Case Study | Treat Your Feet Door Drop

Case Study: Treat Your Feet

How did Treat Your Feet Get booked up seven weeks in advance from their door to door flyer distributions? This case study also shares the response to an unexpected problem.

The Client: Treat Your Feet are a podiatry business with clinics in Leeds and Barnsley. Operating since 2014, they provide a personal and vital healthcare role within their communities. They specialise in the lower limbs and feet and provide multiple treatment services and invaluable advice to their clients.

The Targeting: We first started working with Treat Your Feet in 2018. Back then, we used a solus flyer distribution service to carry out their first 6 stage campaign (repeat to the same areas six times, once per month). The results were fantastic, with over 50 responses from their first 5,000 flyers alone! In 2019 we used the same approach with targeting for their new Leeds clinic with good results.

In previous years, Mr Flyer has helped identify Samantha and Dan's most desirable areas to send their flyers. Using a demographic check, we have searched out locations with the highest house values and the highest concentration of residents aged 55+. This targeting helped identify the areas where people would typically be in greatest need of foot care and most likely to afford private healthcare.

Royal Mail Door to Door: After the COVID lockdown, Dan contacted us again to discuss getting more clients for their Leeds clinic. At first, he was sceptical of the Royal Mail door to door distribution service we now offered. Still, he trusted our advice and was happy to trial a three-stage campaign.

The Flyer Design: The only artwork they had for this campaign was from a single-sided magazine advert. So our in-house graphic designer, Rodger, got to work on creating a new actionable flyer design for them. Once signed off, we got the flyers printed and the first batch handed over to the Royal Mail. The subsequent batches went out every three weeks after.

Overcoming Issues: There were initial concerns when it transpired that a handful of houses received more than one flyer. When Dan reported this to us, we raised the matter with Royal Mail, who performed a full investigation. The matter was resolved, and additional staff training at Royal Mail was issued to avoid it happening in the same areas in future.

The Results: And the campaign? It was a definite success. Treat Your Feet received responses that resulted in being fully booked up for seven weeks in advance! Once again, their business has been built, and we look forward to continuing working with them in the future.

The Client's Feedback: "Great team at Mr Flyer which tailored distribution to our target areas and gained us many new clients. Have booked more drops in the future! Thanks Guys."