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Here at Mr Flyer we have the knowledge and experience to utilise the services of leaflet distribution and direct mail in such a way to maximise your returns through taking specific and measurable steps. What’s more it’s completely free of charge!

Mr Flyer's Six-Stage Consultation Strategy

It’s in our best interest to see you flourish when you market with us, so we are always more than happy to sit down with you and create a bespoke campaign based on you and your business’ goals.

We have created a simple six stage consultation strategy which we go through with all clients to ensure you have a great chance of success.

Full plan

You may be wondering what each stage involves, and your curiosity is great. We sit down and go through each stage with you, identifying what nuggets we can add to the overall campaign to make your business stand out from your competition, and bring you a measurable return on your investment.

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Drip marketing

The Key to your success

In every consultation we discuss the key to successful print marketing, which is drip effect marketing.

Drip effect marketing is a strategy employed by many direct marketers where a constant flow of marketing material such as flyers, are sent to the same audience over a set period of time.

Drip marketing endeavours to create sales through long-term repeat exposure to its recipients. This method generates brand awareness, brand trust and brand engagement.

Buisness Strategy

How will it affect my business?

Most people don’t respond to a flyer (nor any other marketing media) with just one viewing. We recommend a minimum 3 stage drip effect marketing strategy.

This 3 stage process allows you to engage with a prospect without desperately pushing a sale or discount in their face. By stage 3 they know who you are, they understand what benefits they have by using/buying from you, and now you're giving them a strong reason to respond – a call to action. And remember, we take care of the design, the print and of course, the delivery.

In addition, drip marketing can help you avoid the sell-produce curve. An effective way to use drip marketing is to consistently deliver something every 4-8 weeks to keep your name in front of your current clients and prospective clients. By doing this you diminish the sell-produce curve and will find that you will have a steady amount of business coming in the door. All this is explained fully in your free consultation.

3 Stage Plan

We help you plan a campaign for FREE

Another great thing about drip marketing is it requires a plan of action. By creating this plan and following it throughout the year (or given period of time) you can guarantee that you will be consistent with your marketing all year long.

We suggest that you develop your drip marketing campaign when planning your yearly marketing calendar, however if you're not that organised just come to us and we will help you from whatever stage you're at.

How to get started

So you now fully understand the exponential benefits, but where do you start? Well that’s where we come in. You simply need to book a free consultation with us and discuss your business with us, and where you are hoping to take it. We will take you through step by step how to create an effective marketing campaign.

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