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Design is everything. Everything!

No matter how good the quality of paper you print on, the amount or frequency you deliver, the very specific targeting we carry out for you... if your design is terrible, none of this will benefit you!

Flyer Design

Mr Flyer’s 3 keys to successful marketing design

By following our tried and tested system you will catch the receiver’s attention and give them an instant reason to respond to your business.

Three Step Process Diagram

Case Study - Chadwick Lawrence

Transform your flyer design

The Brief

The client wanted a design, print and distribution campaign to target tenants in housing association, council or private properties where landlords were potentially not maintaining the houses sufficiently. They wanted to help these tenants claim effectively to have repairs made, and the flyer was used to encourage people to attend the housing repair free clinics.

Our Solution

In every design we cover our 3 keys: bold headline, eye catching image and call to action. In this design you see the bold headline is in the form of a question which relates to the target audience. Below we then position Chadwick Lawrence as the solution (this can also feature as a sub headline). The call to action capitalises the action word ‘now’ as we want people to respond promptly. Often a call to action may include a discount, or gift, but for this design it wasn’t appropriate. The back of the flyer then reiterates the front, and using a little additional info, further encourages the receiver to respond.

But what should you be designing?

A flyer right? Yes, but there are so many variants, and so many ways you can capitalise on unique print to further stand out from your competition. Linked with the design is the design format. For instance, an estate agent may wish to stand out with a flyer the shape of a house. Or it may simply be that a square flyer will stand out more than the typical A5, or you may benefit from a folded flyer, or one that is laminated, or has curved edges. All these print options are best discussed at the design stage.

As a partner we offer the UK’s largest selection of printing options, which will help you stand out from your competitors. Alongside a design consultation, make sure to ask our consultants all about the print options too. For inspiration, or to purchase your print first, you can visit our own page at

Why should I use Mr Flyer? How much is it? Does design really matter?

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Use the experts

We are different because we specialise. We stick to what we know, and that is designing printed marketing material for businesses.

Why? We understand what works, what key elements should be included, and most importantly, what actually converts potential consumers. Time and again clients come to us with their artwork for us to print and distribute; we look at it and instantly know whether or not the campaign will be successful.

If you want to be certain that your next flyer distribution or direct mail campaign will be a success, then please allow us to design it for you.

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Is Graphic Design Costly?

Quite a few clients prefer to go cheap with their design and focus on quantity over quality.

However a professional and effective design by Mr Flyer costs from just £99 (+ vat).

So, it seems a no brainer to invest in a top quality design and see your chances of success go through the roof!

Design Quote

Does design really make a difference?

Yes! A home improvement franchise in Huddersfield carried out a successful design, print and distribution campaign with us, and kindly recommended us to their franchise partner in York. However, the York franchisee already had flyers, which he insisted we distribute despite our reservations on the design.

As expected, the York franchisee achieved a much lower ROI compared with Huddersfield’s.

The Huddersfield franchisee is still successfully working with us 3 years on, seeing their business go from strength to strength.

Can Mr Flyer Help?

Most definitely. Here at Mr Flyer we love being involved in the design right from the start. We strive to give our customers exactly what’s needed to drive more custom to them. If you want to see new custom coming through your door, make sure to get in contact with us today

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