Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

What we do

Mr Flyer provide design, print, flyer distribution, direct mail, partially addressed mail and consultancy. To ensure the campaigns achieve maximum results for clients Mr Flyer also provides a targeted demographic data service using Experian software, and purchase GDPR compliant data for direct mail campaigns.


Jordan Lewis is appointed to maintain, monitor and report on our Environmental Management Policy and reports directly to Andrew Robinson (MD).

Our environmental achievements

As much as possible we run a paperless office. Documents such as emails and invoices are only printed if absolutely necessary. All invoices and receipts raised are emailed, not posted. All cardboard boxes (which held leaflets) and received papers are recycled or re-used.

Our environmental impact

Activity Environmental impact Action to reduce impact Target
Meeting clients Fuel usage Try resolve and serve clients via phone/email Reduce travel miles by 20% by 2021
Administration Paper usage Work towards 80% paperless and monitor paper usage Reduce by 20% by 2021
General business Waste products Make use of recycling facilities provided by landlord for paper and plastics N/A
Business accommodation Energy usage Encourage colleagues to help reduce energy: turn out lights; turn off monitors overnight etc Reduce energy units used by 20% by 2021

Training and awareness

We will ensure that adequate training is provided for the responsible person and that sufficient opportunity be given to involve and educate our colleagues in the environmental management policy. The named individual shall be encouraged to take part in an online forum (eg on LinkedIn) to keep informed of changes and incentives in environmental policy and to work with the local authority to improve our performance.


Our policy will be available internally to all colleagues and our performance against targets published quarterly. Colleagues will be shown how their activity has contributed to achieving our targets and an award given to the most environmentally active colleague each month.

Working towards ISO 14001

We will progressively build documentation that helps us to make progress to become compliant with the ISO 14001 environmental management system. We will maintain documents of the effective planning, operation, and control of processes related to the significant aspects and to demonstrate progress towards ISO 14001. Such documentation at a minimum will include policy, objectives and targets, a definition of the scope of the environmental management system and other main elements.

When we can demonstrate sustainable cost savings of at least £1,500 per year through implementation of our environmental policy, we will invest in ISO 14001 accreditation.

Monitoring and audit

We have agreed a systematic – and sustainable – method for monitoring our progress towards targets and to record and report them in a useful way. This includes simple communication with our colleagues. We will ensure that the economic value of the environmental policy is evaluated throughout.

The quarterly review and reporting will provide an opportunity to audit compliance with our policy and build our case for ISO 14001 accreditation.


In addition to the quarterly monitoring, our environmental management policy will be reviewed annually.

What our customers say

Mr Flyer provide an outstanding and extremely well-tailored service, giving helpful and honest advice from the offset. From a repeat distribution Mr Flyer have recently carried out for us, we have already sold 6 cars, what a fantastic result! We are extremely happy with the professional service provided by Mr Flyer and look forward to working with them in the future.

Neil Lawley, Perrys Mazda

We were really impressed with the communication, organisation and trackable leaflet drop by Mr Flyer, within hours we had our first positive lead. Would recommend using.

Nick Siddal, NDS Electrical

If you looking for trusting and professional company look no further. This is my best experience with advertising in Huddersfield. From moment of dealing with Mr FLYER to my response after distribution of leaflets from people my new business is well on the road. Keep up great job and will be using and recommending you around. Thank you for all hard work.

Ivana Szelenyiova, The Massage Clinic

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