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Our door to door distributions are performed by our distribution partners, the Royal Mail, using their trusted postmen and postwomen.  Many of our competitors use people on a 'self-employed' basis, paid below minimum wage, and with little to no accountability.  We believe using trusted Royal Mail posties is much more reliable than using unknown people.

A. There are certain factors which determine the success or failure of a leaflet distribution campaign. A full blog is available on this subject, click here. Door drop distribution is most effective when:

  1. Your product or service is what people will want or need.
  2. The leaflet is eye catching and clear.
  3. There is some sort of promotion/call to action (CTA) on the leaflet.
  4. The postcode sectors targeted fit the demographic for your product or service.

A1: Mr Flyer don’t just provide a distribution service. We provide a complete campaign, tailored to your needs, using data to provide a targeted marketing campaign. This ensures you get the highest possible response rate rather than just a cheap service. Our service includes the planning, design, print and distribution.

A2: If a price sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Consider the cost of distributing 1000 flyers. To distribute 1,000 flyers takes a good distributor anywhere between 4 and 6 hours. So think how much that distributor needs paying. Then there are other overheads like transport, the time of the office staff in planning the distribution, providing proof such as GPS tracking, and having up-to-date mapping software. Therefore if someone is quoting £40-£50 for a solus distribution, the chances are not all your flyers will be distributed, as the company would make a loss if they did.

A3: Make sure you are getting a like for like quote. i.e. if someone has quoted you £45 per 1000, what is that for and on what quantity? If it’s for a 1,000 solus distribution – run away!! 

A4: Instead of using unproven and unknown people, likely paid on a self-employed basis (which is generally illegal) to distribute your flyers, we use our affiliate partners, the Royal Mail postmen and postwomen to deliver your leaflets and flyers. This gives much more trust, credibility and assurance the job will be done properly, and with that, the costs involved do become higher.

A1. The old saying, ‘you get what you pay for’, is most pertinent here. When considering printing look at the quality as well as the price as whatever you print is representing you and your business. With cheap printing the colour is often inconsistent, the ink may spread near the edges, the ink may rub off on your hands or the printed image may not be guillotined straight. With Mr Flyer our printing is always of a very high standard.  Our partnership with the biggest UK print brand, printing.com ensures we provide awesome print, all the time.

A2. Many printers give unrealistic completion dates which could mean you miss your distribution slot with us, which would incur unwanted costs to you.

A3. With our distribution service, our print cost doesn’t just cover the cost of print, it is also the cost of preparing and labelling the flyers for the Royal Mail, and then couriering them to the relevant distribution centre.

A: The Royal Mail is our distribution partner. Whatever price you would receive from them you will receive exactly the same from us. Despite all the marketing consultancy and planning, you receive from us, we will charge exactly the same.

A1: The design of your flyer is probably the most critical element to a distribution campaign. It's not just about looking good, it has to encompass the 3 keys to an effective flyer design. In addition, it needs to work in line with our 3 stage drip marketing strategy. Clients have seen their response rates dramatically increase when they have their flyer designed by Mr Flyer.

A2: Printing errors usually occur when clients provide their own artwork as the program it’s made in, the file type, bleed and crop marks often have incorrect settings.

A3: Typically, our clients can use their time much more productively building the business they work in/own, rather than trying to figure out how to design a flyer - something our in house design team have been mastering for years.

A. Direct mail is where we post your item to specific people. This is either people on a specific data list we purchase for you (for instance, businesses with a turnover of £1M+ within 2 miles of the HG postcode which have 3 or more employees) or to your existing client base. This is most appropriate when you have a very specific target audience (for instance, letting agents use this to target landlords).  It is generally most appropriate for business to business (B2B) marketing.

Whereas door to door distribution is where your flyer is delivered to streets at a time, on a postcode sector basis (such as HD2 4).  This is for businesses wanting to reach a large audience as cost-effectively as possible (for instance, estate agents targeting residents who may want to sell their house - usually advertising free valuations as a call to action). 

A. Yes. Not to the same extent as direct mail, but there’s still lots of targeting available.  As part of our service, we provide free demographic data for door drops.  This works on a postcode sector basis, such as LS15 7.  We can do this targeting based on location, age, wealth, homeownership, gender, nationality and more.  An example would be a garden maintenance company, they know their typical customer is 50+, lives in a house they own which is worth over £200k, we can find the postcodes which most accurately fit this customer profile.

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Great team at Mr Flyer which tailored distribution to our target areas and gained us many new clients. Have booked more drops in the future! Thanks Guys.

Samantha & Dan, Treat Your Feet

Mr Flyer did an excellent job distributing around 13000 recruitment flyers for us. The return was excellent and as a result we are in discussion with Mr Flyer to run another 25000 flyers.

Sandra, Quickslide Windows & Doors

Jacob was really helpful and professional throughout the process! We wanted flyers to be distributed under a tight timeframe and he went above and beyond to make sure this happened. So far we are getting some really good results from the Flyers so thanks so much! :)

Eve, Next

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