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Mr Flyer is continually increasing its workforce in Huddersfield

Here at Mr Flyer we are continually expanding and therefore always recruiting. From part time workers to full time workers, we are always on the lookout!

We know that a new job can have a massive effect on your way of life. So, you’ll need to know exactly what it's like to work at Mr Flyer...

What is a Mr Flyer Postman/Postwoman?

The role is similar to that of a traditional postman/postwoman in that you will walk from house to house in a mapped area and deliver leaflets through each door. The difference is that you are not delivering mail with addresses on, you are delivering the same thing to every house.

Is this the job for you?

The role is hard work. You will walk on average 10 miles per day delivering to 1000 properties and we operate regardless of weather conditions. However if you are physically fit, enjoy the outdoors and like the freedom of not having a boss looking over your shoulder, this is the perfect role for you. Don’t worry about transport, we take you and bring you back from your round.

GPS Tracking

Our clients love to see the hard work you do, so each of our postmen and women are entrusted with a GPS tracking device. This accurately tracks exactly where you walk (literally down each driveway!) so we can show our clients where their flyers have been delivered. It is also so you can be recognised for your good performance with bonuses and awards.


You will be paid the National Minimum/Living Wage. On top of that we have a bonus system, which rewards hard working distributors, and we present monthly awards with cash prizes.

What we are after

We are looking for distributors with strong integrity and morals, as this is the foundation Mr Flyer is built on. As a multi-award winning business, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, which is where you come in. We are after positive, can-do attitude applicants who are happy to work hard, and are self motivated to complete their daily targets. If you are incredibly fit, healthy, hardworking and a trustworthy person with integrity then you are the perfect candidate for this job.

We also continually look to create staff benefits for our team, which include FREE Gym vouchers, take a look here for more info simply CLICK HERE

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