Hybrid Mail

...like franking, but easier, faster and cheaper!

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Hybrid Mail

...like franking, but easier, faster and cheaper!

Hybrid Mail is our brand new service which will be launched in the next few weeks! If you would like to be added to our 'launch date alert list', then please contact our office on 01484 598555 or email [email protected] expressing your interest in Hybrid Mail. In the meantime, please do read below to learn more about the service and how it can benefit your business, especially if you or your colleagues work from home.

What is Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid Mail enables you to deliver your business mail from home or the office with the click of a button. No internal equipment needed, and save a fortune compared to franking and traditional post. We promise this will be simpler, faster and cheaper than traditional post, or we'll double your subscription back.

How it Works

As part of The Flow Group, we have developed the latest hybrid software, which is secure, scalable and a low-cost solution for sending multi-format physical mail. Sending right from your desktop, you and your team can submit documents for automated printing and mailing in a highspeed, ISO managed, production environment. There's no more need for expensive stationery, printing equipment or manual fulfilment. Imagine your savings on materials, consumables, postage and manual actions.  Take advantage of the latest production technology including high-quality colour printing, high-integrity inserting, postage optimisation and proof of mailing as you eliminate the hidden costs of sending mail from home or the office. 

The Process

1. Click Print: Create a document, select 'Hybrid Print', review and click print. Simple!

2. We print, enclose and post: At 3 pm daily, your documents are downloaded, processed, printed, enclosed and posted.

3. Happy customer: Your post will be completed simpler, faster and cheaper.

How Hybrid Mail Compares

Hybrid Mail: Hybrid mail allows you to send your business post whether at the office, at home or even on holiday! It is much simpler, faster and cheaper than franking, OBA and traditional post.

Franking: Franking is cheaper than traditional post for sending letters in an office; however, the cost of equipment and time is far higher than Hybrid.

OBA: OBA gives access to all Royal Mail postal services, but is reliant on your in-house production.

Traditional post: Traditional post is versatile, but is very labour intensive and the most expensive option.

What's Next?

Whether you work from home, in the office or a bit of everywhere, we are confident our hybrid mail service will be perfect for you. If you would like to be added to our 'launch date alert list', then please contact our office on 01484 598555 or email [email protected] expressing your interest in Hybrid Mail.

What our customers say

As a new business, we've found Mr Flyer really helpful in getting our initial marketing just right. Our leaflet distribution campaign has helped raise awareness of our brand and the team have been extremely professional, approachable and efficient in every aspect of the process. We highly recommend them!

Carol and Steve Oakden, Colour Fence Huddersfield

Brilliant value for money for our multiple campaigns. Delivery on time every time. Very good people to work with go the extra mile in helping us maximise each drop. Very happy customer. Thank you.

George Richardson, Arbor Living

After asking Mr Flyer to look over my stationary needs, Mr Flyer promptly arranged a meeting to go over my requirements. They understood my passion for getting things right and made it clear it was no trouble to make any changes. I was very happy with the end result and would have no hesitation at all in recommending Mr Flyer to anyone who requires printing work or leaflet distribution.

Mick Leech, Parkside Garage

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