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Over the years Mr Flyer has helped dozens of gyms & health clubs to dramatically increase footfall and sales.

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We regularly use Mr Flyer to distribute up to 15,000 flyers at a time for our membership campaigns. Mr Flyer offers cost-effective and reliable service and is more than capable of dealing with our often short notice requests...Happy to recommend.

Karl Howarth, Kirklees Active Leisure

Gyms & Health Clubs Leaflet Distribution

Do you manage/own a gym or health club, which is ready to see a dramatic increase in members? Over the years, Mr Flyer has helped dozens of businesses just like yours to increase their members dramatically, and we have compiled our most effective strategies into this dedicated sector page so that you can benefit too.

Reduce Attrition, Increase New Memberships & THE Vital Strategy...

How much stronger would your business be if you could reduce attrition by 10%, 20% or even more? In turn, how great would it be to see a continual flow of new members joining? Finally, what if you discovered THE vital marketing strategy that so many of your competitors don't know? 

In a world of social media hype, there are a host of print-based marketing strategies this page will share with you. The power of print - using flyers, postcards, loyalty vouchers, leaflet distribution, direct mail and more, can profoundly grow your business. We conclude with the strategy that ties everything together and what will benefit your door to door, other print activities, and your overall marketing strategy. 

"Consumers see mail as a medium of authority – one they prefer for things that are important, formal or official – whilst 57% say that receiving mail makes them feel more valued." DMA

How can Gyms & Health Clubs Enhance Member Loyalty?

Before attracting new members through external marketing, it's wise to first improve your attrition rate by enhancing membership loyalty. Print marketing covers everything from the design and print of brochures inside your gym, loyalty cards, referral schemes, the sales process, up-selling, showing appreciation to members, and much more. The most effective marketing is referral marketing, as it can encompass all of the above in one simple strategy.

Here's how to implement this

  1. Create an incentivised referral scheme (free months membership, £10 credit on protein shakes, etc., when a friend joins) and promote it to members face-to-face, email, social media, and posters around your gym.
  2. Design and print invitation cards (business card size is ideal) for members to hand out to friends. Invitation cards are most effective when they have a unique offer, such as, 'FREE 7 Day Pass'.
  3. When someone hands in that invitation card, make sure to instantly thank that member for the referral (by text or email).

Why this is so effective

  1. Members will like to receive incentives (such as a free months membership, credit for protein shakes, etc).
  2. People are less likely to leave after their friend(s) has joined.
  3. If each of your members recommended your gym to just one friend, if all those friends responded, you would, of course, double your membership!
  4. Depending on the incentives you offer, this strategy is very cost-effective as there's only a small design and print cost.

"People also project physical production values onto brand values – if they think your mailing looks and feels' quality' then they will assume the same of your brand." DMA

How Gyms & Health Clubs can Increase Memberships

Following referral marketing, the next strategy for gyms and health clubs is door to door flyer distribution, from inception (planning and targeting) to execution (print and distribution). Using similar principles, it is the gift marketing strategy that is proven to be most effective for gyms and health clubs when partaking in leaflet distribution campaigns. When you give a gift as part of your flyer campaign (ideally one with no direct cost to you), it will profoundly affect your response rate and enable you to track your responses.

Implementing the strategy

The purpose of delivering flyers is to entice the receiver to respond and to do so promptly. It is the gift that acts as the catalyst. Try to avoid a discounted 12-month membership as people won't necessarily want to feel tied down (especially if they haven't heard of your gym before), and the discount eats into your margins. Instead, a no-obligation 7-day free pass is proven to be most appropriate.

Why this is so effective

  1. People love gifts and receiving things for free
  2. There's no commitment needed from them, so no barrier
  3. It enables them to experience how great your gym is
  4. Upon experiencing your gym, they are no longer a cold sell, so converting onto a long term membership is then much easier
  5. It's not cost your business anything to provide the gift
  6. An expiry date can encourage a prompt response
  7. It's a GDPR compliant way to acquire their data (7-day pass subject to them providing their name and email)
  8. You can track the response rate based on the amount of 7-day pass flyers received.

"It is very important to balance both short and long-term strategies. Continued efforts to deliver only short-term effects will not drive your long-term growth and profitability." DMA


Our Flyer Design Solution

We cover our three keys in every flyer design, which have proved time and again essential for maximum returns:


A bold headline. Pose this as a question relevant to your target audience. E.g. 'Want to get in shape for free this summer?' Then follow with a sub-headline, 'Now you can with a 7-day FREE PASS'.


An eye-catching image. Not your premises (it's likely not inspiring!), but a before and after picture, or an inspirational man and woman on gym equipment..


A call to action. Based on the above, it would reiterate your 7-day pass gift. It should also highlight a prompt expiry, so you see a quick return on your investment.

The Vital Marketing Strategy for Gyms & Health Clubs

When someone initially joins your gym and attends for their first week, they may see some initial change (sore muscles!). Still, it's only through regular and sustained training, performed correctly, that they will experience the actual benefits of exercise. Over time they will achieve their goals. If, however, they quit after just one week, disillusioned, they don't instantly look like an 'Instagram Influencer', that first week is effectively pointless. 

It is the same with marketing; so many new clients (not just gyms and health clubs) presume that people only need to receive their flyer once to take action.

In reality, people are much more likely to respond to your flyer when they regularly receive it. Therefore, we recommend to all our clients to implement the proven and most vital marketing strategy, known as drip effect marketing. This is where you repeat your distribution to the same audience regularly. 

We recommend repeating to the same audience every 4-8 weeks at least three times before evaluating results. All of our most successful clients utilise drip effect marketing as part of their leaflet distribution campaigns.

"Advertising mail delivers increased customer value by increasing sales activity through long-term engagement." DMA

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