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How to receive a surge of new business post lockdown

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Following the hope-filled announcement of the lockdown lifts, this blog is to help you plan your marketing ready for the potential surge of new business.

From 8th March

The big one here, of course, is the reopening of schools...finally!! Therefore, for businesses who operate in the education sector, this is an excellent time to communicate with your school's customers. Our direct mail service is ideal, thanks to a one-week turnaround option. To note here also, we are anticipating businesses nationwide to improve simply because those of us juggling home-schooling with work can now concentrate exclusively on work and are raring to take our businesses to the next level.

From 29th March

Organised sport is the highlight here. For golf clubs, tennis clubs and other businesses with outdoor sports, this is the date to reignite all your existing members. A direct mail campaign is again most appropriate as members can receive their letters/flyers in advance of opening. Now is also the time to start planning your broader marketing to boost new memberships - door to door is the most appropriate here, but with a 4-5 week lead time, please do speak with us ASAP.

From 12th April

This date will undoubtedly elevate our economy dramatically with so many sectors allowed to reopen. As many wonder which businesses will have survived up to this point, it is essential to highlight you're alive and raring to welcome their business. With some people now accustomed to the current lifestyle, your marketing must remind them of the benefits your company brings to them; here are examples:

  • The lifeless one-click on Amazon VS the enjoyment of getting out and experiencing the joy of shopping again
  • Primitive home workouts VS a vast array of equipment, multiple classes, and the social benefits of your gym
  • Dodgy DIY haircuts (mine included!) VS a perfect fresh-cut coupled with a relaxing head massage
  • Erecting a tent in the garden VS an escape to a beautiful British destination
  • Kids going square-eyed from so much screen time VS the excitement of indoor play activities, zoos and even theme parks
  • Browsing cars on Autotrader VS visiting your showroom and getting behind the wheel of their dream new car.

For all of the above, we recommend direct mail for reigniting existing customers and door to door distribution for enticing new customers.

From 17th May

This is the point when we get to enjoy socialising again. Pubs and restaurants can invite people inside, wedding venues can hold a comparatively generous 30 guests, large events such as football matches can 'kick-off', and holidays both in the UK and abroad can start. This date may seem a lifetime away, but planning needs to begin now. Here are some things to consider: How will you entice people into your restaurant rather than the competitor down the road? What would convince a couple to book a last-minute wedding for 30 of their closest friends and family? How do you not only entice ticket sales now for large events but encourage season ticket purchases for next season too? How do you ensure people are booking holidays with you rather than your competitors? Our sales consultants can help you brainstorm the most appropriate strategies to make the most of this exciting date.

From 21st June

We are free!! All legal limits on social contact will be removed from this point. The biggest benefactor is nightclubs. If you are one of the fortunate nightclubs which have managed to survive, this date is the one to push with your marketing. Let people know you've survived, and invite them to your special opening week.

With all the dates above, we are now entering a time of excitement and hope. The next few months are critical for so many businesses, and we want to help you ensure your business has the best possible start to reopening.

Whether you fit into the 8th March category or 21st June, now is the time to plan your marketing. Remember also; we also provide the design and print of promotional signage, social distancing and other Covid items such as branded floor graphics, notices, displays, and so much more.

Please do contact us today to help build your business and build your brand.