Why do you need Business Print Management?

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There are thousands of print websites all over the internet, and still on many street corners. But how do you distinguish a good one from a bad, or know whether you're buying the most appropriate product for your business, at the all-important right price? And how can you go about all this without doing research on every supplier first?  The purpose of this blog is to answer these questions and leave you with a simple yet very effective solution.


What is Print Management?

Print management is two-fold:

  1. Recommending the most appropriate product(s).
  2. Sourcing these from trusted suppliers at the right price point.

Essentially a Print management service is where you speak directly with an experienced Print Consultant who will listen to what you're hoping to achieve/have printed, and they will then make a recommendation accordingly.  From this, the Print consultant will provide a competitively priced quote(s) from the most appropriate trusted supplier(s). 


Why not just do it yourself?

You can. However, in my business, just like you, I want to use my time as efficiently as possible, and to use it doing things which make the most use of my skills. When it comes to the various insurances we need for Mr Flyer, the last thing I want to do is search the market trying to find the right insurances at the right prices, especially as there are so many rogue traders out there. Instead, I go to my trusted insurance broker, and he personally deals with all my insurance bespoke to my business. He already knows the most reliable insurance companies, has already negotiated preferential rates, knows what cover is best for my business and will fight my corner if any claim ever needs to be made.    This is exactly the same with print management, which is why the same service is also known as a print brokerage service.  


Why do Mr Flyer now offer it?

Mr Flyer has been doing this for years for many clients, it's only now we have opened it up and are advertising it as an additional service.  For 7 years we have been building relationships with printers for a variety of print products. Thanks to the large volumes we print we receive heavily discounted trade prices; discounts which we are able to pass onto our clients.  The level of print knowledge, print partners and increased demand from customers has led to the obvious decision to open this up to all customers.  Predominantly print management is only open to big businesses and large charities, but ours is designed to not just cater for these, but for our core clientele too: small businesses.  It is important to note, everything we print for you, we can also design for you!


What to do next?

Whether you simply need some business cards printing, are setting up a new business and need every conceivable print item, or are planning your next flyer distribution campaign, please do get in touch today. A Mr Flyer print consultant will listen to your needs, make the most appropriate recommendation and provide you with a great price and speedy turnaround.