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Direct Mail and GDPR

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We have re-launched our Direct Mail package with much lower prices on small quantities, and dramatically improved the turnaround. However, we are all too aware that so much scaremongering has developed around this marketing channel since the dreaded GDPR came into play.  The purpose of this short blog is to give you some facts on what you can and can’t do, and how Direct Mail can build your business.

Under the new GDPR rules, mail has less compliance requirements compared to constraints on digital marketing.  Mailing customers with a letter, booklet or postcard is a great tactic to engage and drive targeted leads to your business.  

Not only does it reach clients that digital marketing can’t touch, printed items such as letters and postcards generate fantastic response rates.  A whopping 70% of consumers that open mail retain it for a further 17 days.  You can then always support your direct mail with a digital campaign, which will further give your customers the opportunity to find you, and engage with your business.

You can send direct mail under Legitimate Interest as long as you tick these three boxes:

  1. Identify a legitimate interest
  2. Show that the processing is necessary to achieve it
  3. Balance it against the individuals interests, rights and freedoms.

An example to fit these three points would be a conservatory company doing a direct mail campaign to people within their coverage area who have a conservatory, promoting having a warm roof fitted to their conservatory (the in-thing at the moment for this industry).  The product is relevant to the receiver (they have a conservatory already), the receiver has a legitimate interest in the product on offer (it will improve their conservatory) and the data purchased would identify this niche of properties.

GDPR is not holding direct mail down, so more and more of our clients are taking full advantage of this  marketing channel in order to build their business and build their brand.

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