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Is Direct Mail right for you and your business?

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Direct mail is where your item (such as a flyer, letter enclosed in an envelope or even a product sample) is posted directly to your ideal customers. We establish who you would like to target and purchase a specific data list to meet that audience.

We then design, print, personalise, enclose in an envelope (if needed) and post the item for you. And in many cases, we do all this for you for less than the cost of a stamp! This is an incredibly effective strategy when you need to target a specific audience (e.g. Landlords in London).

The 6 key considerations for the most targeted print marketing strategy

  1. Who to target

    This includes: target demographic, where (cities), purchase of a data list or to existing client list, etc.

  2. What to send

    Popular items include: flyers, postcards, brochures, letters and product samples. Whatever it is, we can design it for you.

  3. How many to send.

    This is usually dictated target demographic and budget. Tip: A quantity 4,000 or more is typically less than the price of a stamp (this includes design, print and postage)!.

  4. When to do, and how often.

    We can turnaround a job from initial enquiry through to landing on a prospects hallway from just 3 weeks. We recommend repeating to the same audience at least 3 times over.

  5. How it works.

    Call us today for a free consultation where we discuss your business and what you hope to achieve. We create a plan based around the who, what, when and how many for you.

  6. Evaluate

    By measuring your response rate you can evaluate how effective the campaign has gone, and enables us to make improvements for next campaign.

Looking to reach a larger audience?

If this sounds too specific for your business, then the likelihood is that a door to door distribution would be more appropriate. You can take a look at our door to door distribution page by clicking here

If direct mail looks ideal for your business, then you can get going straight away by simply giving us a call on 01484 598555 or emailing [email protected]