Quantum Leap Or Plan, Cultivate And Harvest?

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In today's society we want everything instantly – we join a gym and want to look like Schwarzenegger the next day, or we go on a diet and expect to lose a stone after one carb-free meal. In the agrarian age, they planted, then cultivated, and finally harvested. In today's world, everyone wants to go straight from the plant to harvest. This blog will show you how to get the most of your leaflet distribution campaigns with us using the right strategy.

Were you disappointed with your first flyer distribution?

Flyer distribution, just like any other marketing doesn’t typically work as a quantum leap. Unfortunately, many people expect marketing to give a quantum leap. Marketing needs to be looked at long term, and once you have a long-term strategy in place your results can flourish.

What went wrong?

If you gave up after not seeing much of a response from your first campaign you're not alone. It was, for this reason, we introduced the drip effect marketing strategy and plastered it all over our new website. If you distribute to the same people a minimum 3 times over, with 4-8 weeks gap between each distribution, I'd be very surprised if you weren't very happy with your overall return.


Quantum Leap

This is like going to the gym and taking steroids to skip the cultivation part, or instead of building a business you simply rob a bank to get rich. Quantum leaps are not the right way to achieve your goals of business success for the long term.


Plant, cultivate, harvest

We based our 3-stage strategy: brand awareness, benefits and call to action on the principal of plant, cultivate, harvest. If you don't know what each stage entails, here's a brief breakdown:

1. Brand awareness/plant – this is simply getting your brand out there, planting the seed.

2. Benefits/cultivate – let the same people know all the benefits of using you over your competition

3. Call to action/harvest – draw those same people in with an enticing call to action such as a discount or free gift with an order.


Lasting marketing

If you want to market your business to have a lasting impression and a compounding effect for business growth then choose the plant, cultivate and harvest route. For more about this subject, I recommend you read a great book called 'The Slight Edge' by Jeff Olson. In the meantime, book a free business-building consultation with us today by clicking here: