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Will your customers value how you say 'Happy Christmas' to them?

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Christmas may be an exciting time for businesses in retail and a time for many B2B's to sit twiddling their fingers...either way, it's the time we ALL need to show our customers how much we value them.  But doing things like sending Christmas cards will cost a fortune right?


What are the basic options available?

When brainstorming what we can do to show our appreciation to our customers at Christmas?  The 3 most common I came up with are:

1   Christmas card. Surely though after printing, faffing signing and putting the cards in envelopes, writing addresses, stamping and then posting, this will take a lifetime and cost a fortune? (Read below to see a solution in this).

2   Email. No harm in this right? However, everyone knows it costs you nothing, and it took you just a few minutes on Mailchimp.  So does it really show you value your customer?

3   Gift. There's obviously a number of options on this, ranging from wine with your branding on, a costly M&S hamper, to your own branded merchandise such as a calendar.


What can Mr Flyer help you with?


You will be pleased to know that if you do want to send Christmas cards, we can now do that for you thanks to our new service doing Direct Mail (DM). But isn't DM a fortune? Not compared with stamps! Depending on quantity, we can provide you with the design, personalised print, enclose into an envelope and post all for the price of a 2nd class stamp!


Can you add more things into it?

Sure! If you want to add branded calendars, vouchers, small items (branded window scraper, pen, etc.) or anything you can think of which will fit through a letterbox. Won't this be a hassle?  No, we can design and print the item for you and enclose them for you too.


When's the best time to send them?

The planning needs to start now. Then a good time to send them is when people are in the joyous Christmas spirit, which is anytime from the first of December. But remember, don't leave it so late that they have already started their Christmas holiday - receiving a Christmas card after Christmas is pretty pointless! 


What to do next?

Get in touch with us today, and we can help your customers remember you this Christmas.