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Royal Mail Leaflet Distribution

Our package includes campaign strategy, artwork, print and leaflet distribution by Royal Mail

Welcome to Mr Flyer's Royal Mail leaflet distribution page. We work alongside Royal Mail to provide you with business-building end to end door to door distribution campaigns. 

Our Leaflet Distribution Service

Mr Flyer is a full-service print-marketing agency, which creates everything from an overarching strategy, actionable artwork, great quality eco-friendly print, and demographically and geographically targeted door to door distributions. These are delivered six days a week by the trusted Royal Mail postal employees.

Leaflet Distribution Usage

80% of the UK's top advertisers include door drops in their marketing mix, which is in part because leaflet distribution is the only channel that can offer 100% coverage of your desired area. Here is a list of options for using leaflet drops:

  • Advertise products and services
  • Trial a new product or service
  • Drive website traffic
  • Drive people into your store
  • Promote a local event
  • Highlight seasonal sales and promotions
  • Build cost-effective brand awareness
  • Broadcast public information messages
  • Acquire new customers 

"Great company to deal with, especially as everything is under one roof. They are super knowledgeable and patient with great customer service and quick replies. Would 100% recommend them."

Kathy - Dial A Flight 

Royal Mail's Leaflet Distribution Service

The three overarching benefits of using Royal Mail for the fulfilment aspect of a door drop campaign are trust, coverage and return on investment (ROI). 

Trust: Many independent distribution companies are charging amounts which wouldn't even cover the cost of fulfilment, meaning there's a high likelihood some or even all of your flyers would not be distributed. However, Royal Mail is required by law to ensure your leaflets are delivered, which is monitored by Ofcom. Also, ABC has verified that Royal Mail can provide auditable proof of delivery and evidence for targeted distributions. Independent distributors cannot give such guarantees.

Coverage: The Royal Mail has access to households that normal leaflet distributors don’t, these include hard to reach rural locations and access to gated and coded entry addresses. In fact, the Royal Mail's total address reach is almost 30 million. 

ROI: The facts state that Royal Mail leaflet distributions are very effective when executed with an appropriate strategy (which we can create for you). Dominos Pizza spends £10 million a year on door drops, simply because it works. Leaflets get a good return on investment because it's tangible, it comes through the door, and people hold it. In fact, "67% of people were prompted to purchase as a result of receiving a door drop". Another benefit is that no two competing industries can advertise in the same area in the same week, so no attention can be stolen by one of your competitors. Also, as your leaflets are delivered with the post, people are so much more likely to read it. 

Why Work With Mr Flyer

We provide multi-award-winning marketing strategy, data, artwork, print, nationwide leaflet distribution and direct mail, all undertaken in our 15,000sq. ft facilities based in West Yorkshire. Here are some of our strengths that will undoubtedly benefit your business:

  1. Experienced. We have traded since 2011, and during this time, have successfully helped thousands of businesses with their door to door leaflet drops. 
  2. Results-focused. Everything we do is to build our clients businesses; therefore, we use tried and tested marketing principles for every campaign.
  3. In-house services. With our 25+ team, we can provide every door to door service for you, all under one roof.
  4. Nationwide distribution. Thanks to using the Royal Mail to fulfil our distributions, we have access to over 29 million households in the UK, split across c. 9,300 postcode sectors (every house in the UK!).
  5. Complete Door Drop Package. Rather than establishing your target demographic, sourcing data on the most appropriate postcode sectors, organising artwork, searching for print, boxing, labelling and palletising all your flyers according to the strict Royal Mail guidelines, and then couriering your leaflets to the right Royal Mail Walk Bundling Centres (WBCs); we do ALL this for you as a complete package.
  6. Complementary services. We provide artwork, print, leaflet distribution, direct mail, hybrid mail, pick and pack, contract packing and even hand assembling printed point of display items, all done in our 15,000sq. Ft facilities.
  7. Eco-Friendly upgrade. For those of you who really want to make an instant impact on our climate, ask about our Carbon-Balanced, sustainable print upgrade.
  8. Part of a larger group. In the first quarter of 2020, we made a strategic merger with one of the UK's leading direct mail groups, The Flow Group. This merger has brought cutting edge technology, and in-house machinery and a joining of two strong teams with wide-ranging skill sets that our customers can benefit from.
  9. Accreditations & Awards. Mr Flyer likely has the most accreditations and awards than any other leaflet distribution company in the UK. We are ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001 accredited, DMA (Data & Marketing Agency) and IPIA (Independent Print Industries Association) members, World Land Trust accredited Carbon-Balanced Printer, SME Climate Hub committed member, Love Paper and Two Sides members, and multi-award-winning, especially in the estate agency sector.

"We have used Mr Flyer for several leaflet campaigns over the past 12 months as an alternative to Royal Mail. The results were great! Andrew & the team at Mr Flyer were always professional, honest and hard-working. Will use them again and happy to recommend to other friends in the local business community."

Oliver - Greensleeves

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*All quotes sourced from Royal Mail MarketReach.

Royal Mail Door to Door Engagement Stats:
  • "92% of people read the door drops delivered to their home by Royal Mail."

  • “The average time door drops are kept in the house is 38 days, and 23% of all mail gets shared around the household.”

  • “The younger generation are engaging with door drops because it’s a novelty to get a physical item.”

  • "73% of door drops are opened, read, filed or set aside for later."

  • "90% of campaigns that included door drops saw an increase in new customers, compared 
to 59% of those without ."

  • "Mail is generally remembered by customers with research showing it has 35% better recall than social media advertising and 49% more than email."

  • "A door drop is interacted with 2.8 times."

What our customers say

Great team at Mr Flyer which tailored distribution to our target areas and gained us many new clients. Have booked more drops in the future! Thanks Guys.

Samantha & Dan, Treat Your Feet

Mr Flyer did an excellent job distributing around 13000 recruitment flyers for us. The return was excellent and as a result we are in discussion with Mr Flyer to run another 25000 flyers.

Sandra, Quickslide Windows & Doors

Jacob was really helpful and professional throughout the process! We wanted flyers to be distributed under a tight timeframe and he went above and beyond to make sure this happened. So far we are getting some really good results from the Flyers so thanks so much! :)

Eve, Next

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Our cyclical process allows us to test, tweak and refine your print marketing efforts to ensure you gain maximum results

Plan. Execute. Repeat Plan. Execute. Repeat

We take you through the process from the initial consultation, establishing the right audience, creating actionable artwork, printing on the most appropriate paper and then delivering either door to door or via direct mail.

We provide a full print marketing service that covers everything from strategy, design, print as well as targeted door to door distribution and direct mail.

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