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We used Mr Flyer for our new business cards and within a week had used them again for some further cards. Their quality, as well as turnaround, was first class, and they also provided very good value for money. I would have no issue in recommending Mr Flyer to anyone requiring such a service.

James Didgiunaitis, Expion Recruitment

Mr Flyer does top quality, professional work. They have a quick turnaround and have never disappointed me in their services regardless of if they did my business cards or flyers. I highly recommend their distribution service – customers can track the distribution team live. No other distribution company that I know have this quality service.

Kirt Nandakumar, Body Transformation Gym

If you looking for trusting and professional company look no further. This is my best experience with advertising in Huddersfield. From the moment of dealing with Mr FLYER to my response after distribution of leaflets from people, my new business is well on the road. Keep up the great job and will be using and recommending you around. Thank you for all the hard work.

Ivana Szelenyiova, The Massage Clinic

Home Improvement two-pronged marketing

You may be wondering if there are specific marketing strategies for the home improvement sector that can produce real growth for your business. The good news is, there are! Whether your business supplies materials to the trade or the public, or provides a trade to the public or companies, you will find appropriate proven strategies below. The remainder of this page will reveal the strategies we have created for various home improvement sector clients over the last decade.

The two-pronged approach is two different methods for two different target audiences. Depending on your business, the next few lines may clarify that you only need to focus on one strategy. A building materials supplier, for instance, will typically want to attract both the public and trade. Yet, as with the Greensleeves example below, they will likely only want to target the public.

Prong One - Public

The first strategy I'm sure you will be aware of is door to door flyer distribution, which is ideal for targeting the general public. Flyer distribution is literally where your flyer is delivered door to door. The Greensleeves flyer below was delivered to hundreds of thousands of homes using this method. However, there is still targeting available on this service. Sticking with Greensleeves, we utilised Experian Demographic Reports to provide ranked data on the most appropriate postcode sectors (e.g. HD6 1, HD4 5, etc.). The particular data focused on homes with gardens, worth over a set value, with a specific resident age range, and all within the franchisee's coverage area. As a result, many recipients met the exact buyer persona for Greensleeves, resulting in a very positive response rate. We can tailor the targeting according to your businesses buyer persona, ensuring you will also see a powerful return from your leaflet delivery.

Prong Two - Trades and Businesses

It would be pot luck for your flyer to land in a trade person home using leaflet distribution; therefore, we need something more 'direct'. Direct mail is what we use to reach tradespeople and businesses. This is where mail (a postcard, letter, brochure) is posted to specific addresses, which fit a set target demographic (such as tradespeople within X miles of your locality). Screwfix are a prime example of this - their trade customers receive regular direct mail, sometimes as a brochure, sometimes as a flyer and sometimes as a letter with a unique voucher included. If you have a specific target audience for your home improvement product or service, our direct mail service will likely be the most appropriate strategy. Direct mail is ideal for reaching your existing customer base and new prospects by us supplying GDPR compliant targeted data for you.

Leaflet Distribution & Direct Mail Fundamentals

Leaflet distribution and direct mail strategies must be supported with the Mr Flyer fundamentals to create a complete and successful campaign. These include:

  1. Initial consultation: This will establish your ideal customer, locality, goals, timescale, budget and more. Our sales consultants can then make recommendations and build your quote accordingly.

  2. Demographic targeting: Your ideal customer will determine where and how we target, usually with the aid of Experian demographic reports. The report provides the most appropriate postcode sectors for you.

  3. Actionable artwork: All flyers should include three keys: a bold headline, an eye-catching image, and a call to action (a gift). See above a successful case study for a leaflet targeting people with lawned gardens.

  4. Appropriate print: The choice of paper quality, size, shape, and finish all represent your business. The case study above was printed on a 300gsm silk 148x148mm square flyer to portray quality.

  5. Drip effect marketing: This is the most critical fundamental; without it, all the pointers above reduce effectiveness dramatically. Drip marketing is where you repeat to your audience regularly - this builds awareness, trust and then engagement. We recommend a minimum 3-stage campaign where each distribution is repeated three times over 12 weeks.

What's next?

Hopefully, you now have a clear understanding of how your home improvement company can see the highest possible return using a leaflet distribution or direct mail campaign. Please contact us today and speak with one of our sales consultants.We can implement many more tactics for you, which will further enhance your return on investment. If you would like to build your business and your brand through our tried and tested print marketing strategies, please do get in touch with us today.

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Plan. Execute. Repeat Plan. Execute. Repeat

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We provide a full print marketing service that covers everything from strategy, design, print as well as targeted door to door distribution and direct mail.

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