We Welcome The Personal Print Portal to our Group!

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Introducing our New Sales Consultant

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Quantum Leaps for Mr Flyer

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Does the FREE GIFT marketing strategy work?

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Graphic Design

Design is everything. Everything!

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We Welcome The Personal Print Portal to our Group!

Here at Mr Flyer, we have some very exciting news, and we wanted you to be among the first to hear it! We have acquired The Personal Print Portal! This is a SAAS platform print management company that enables you to purchase all your print from your very own branded portal

Posted on Oct 05 2021

Introducing our New Sales Consultant

We would like to introduce you to our latest Sales Consultant, Cuong Tuan Dinh. Cuong joined us a few weeks ago and has settled in amazingly well. As you will most likely be working with Cuong over the coming weeks, we thought it would be good to share a bit about him. And who better to do that than Cuong himself! So in his own words...

Posted on Jul 09 2021

Quantum Leaps for Mr Flyer

What a last 12 months we have faced! 'Challenging' is likely the adjective of choice for most people! This blog shares with you the quantum leap changes and challenges at Mr Flyer over the last 12 months and how these have led to us helping amazing businesses gain incredible results. As you read on, we will share with you the whirlwind of the last year we've had!

Posted on May 19 2021


Does the FREE GIFT marketing strategy work?

It seems now that the days of free iPad prize draws and the like have had their day. Either people didn't believe they could win or didn't believe the offer held integrity - that it was just a scam. Is there another way to create a call to action (CTA) without giving a direct discount?

Posted on May 13 2021

Graphic Design, Marketing

Design is everything. Everything!

No matter how good the quality of paper you print on, how frequently you deliver, or the precise targeting we carry out for you...if your design is terrible, none of this will benefit you! Back in 2019, we first created this blog. Now (in 2021), we are updating it, expanding it, and adding new elements, which further increase the effectiveness of your artwork and ultimately the growth of your business.

Posted on Apr 23 2021

Door to door Distribution, Marketing

Is social media marketing better than printed marketing?

The return on investment from social media marketing versus door drops and direct mail is quite unbelievable; read on to see why. A few years ago, I wrote a blog titled, 'Is the Royal Mail better than Mr Flyer' using our Mr Flyer mascot's image in a boxing ring versus Postman Pat. This blog has for years ranked our second most viewed page, second only to our home page. Equally, when you search on Google for 'Royal Mail leaflet distribution', it ranks second behind the actual Royal Mail door to door page. Clearly then, it spiked interest!

Posted on Mar 31 2021

Direct Mail, Door to door Distribution, Graphic Design, Marketing, Printing

How to receive a surge of new business post lockdown

Following the hope-filled announcement of the lockdown lifts, this blog is to help you plan your marketing ready for the potential surge of new business.

Posted on Mar 02 2021

Partially Addressed Mail

Print marketing is a powerful tool for businesses - ideal for contacting existing customers and generating new leads. A tangible, physical message is easier to read and harder to ignore than it's digital marketing counterparts. In this technological age, print still works and if anything, stands out all the more. The purpose of this page is to highlight a print marketing strategy that many of your competitors are unaware of, partially addressed mail.

What is Partially Addressed Mail?

Partially addressed mail is an addressed piece of mail where the recipient's name is not known, and your mai...

Posted on Feb 16 2021

Gearing up for growth with two new recruits

We have found this challenging season a struggle like so many others. Post has changed, working standards have changed, there are screens everywhere - but through it all, we've managed to deliver a high level of service and have still had opportunities to help people grow their business. We're so pleased we've been able to continue operating during this time and have even seen strong growth.

To ensure that you still get the best service possible in this season of challenges and growth, we have been fortunate enough to onboard two new staff members! Both of whom will be a direct benefit to you,...

Posted on Dec 21 2020

Direct Mail, Door to door Distribution, Marketing, Printing

Brand New Services Thanks to Exciting Merger

Hopefully, you are already aware of our exciting merger with one of the Uk's leading direct mail companies, Flow Solutions. The deal closed just days before lockdown, and we have been avidly working since then to integrate our team with Flows'. We are now able to offer you, our valued customers, direct mail, in-house print, hand assembly and packaging, pick & pack and contract packing, and very soon, hybrid mail.

Posted on Nov 03 2020

Direct Mail, Door to door Distribution, Marketing

New Stamp Duty Two-Stage Marketing Strategy

I'm sure your attention was glued to the Chancellors economic update earlier today. What positive news this is for our housing market and our economy. So, how do you ensure your current leads and potentially new prospects receive an immediate benefit from this?

The title is 'two-stage' as at Mr Flyer we see that there are two key marketing tactics you can use. The first is to your existing customer base, which we can fulfil as soon as next week, and the second to attract new prospects, which can be on their doorstep next month. Let's briefly look at these to see how your agency can most benefi...

Posted on Jul 08 2020

Door to door Distribution, Marketing, Printing

Here to help you get your business back on track!

We are now entering a much more exciting season as Britain looks to get the cogs turning again following an almost stand-still during the past couple of months.

As businesses look to get started again, you may find yourself in one of the following categories:

1) A complete halt of all work, with no enquiries, leads or outstanding business;

2) A trickle of enquiries that will keep you busy for a couple of days or weeks, but not much beyond that; or

3) A backlog of enquiries and customers patiently expecting your return, leaving you pulling your hair out at not knowing where to begin or ho...

Posted on Jun 01 2020

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