85 days until elections and counting

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The longest UK general election campaign in history is well underway. We've had marketing strategies imported from over the pond and German roads appearing alongside Union Jacks, as well as the usual jeers, smears and general relentless one-upmanship.  Now its time to attract those all-important voters through effective marketing.


Sell your benefits

But amongst the photobombing and photoshopping let's not forget that there are votes to be cast; little black crosses that will determine the course of our country for the next five years. I agree with Chris Arnold when he says: It certainly would be good to see political advertising that sells us a benefit rather than tells us what’s wrong with everyone else”. But regardless of how you campaign, Mr Flyer's leaflet distribution consultation, combined with our drip effect marketing strategy, applies just as much to political campaigning as it does any other marketing.


Take your marketing seriously, and your voters will take you seriously

Leaflet distribution is a well used method of targeting voters. However, you need to do more than just wander around your ward with your most loyal activists, a handful of leaflets and eagerly pose for a 'selfie' in the cold for your social media outlets.  We are getting requests in for tens of thousands at a time – if you want to win, you need to make sure enough people know about you and your benefits.   


Must have's on a political flyer

Make sure your flyer design has actionable headlines that will entice people to take action. People don't respond to an overwhelming amount of information or dull images – they need to know instantly what's special about your offering, and why it's essential they vote for you.  Also, stick to A5 double-sided. Anything bigger and you will be tempted to bombard it with content that people won't read.  Make it punchy, clear, actionable and visually appealing.  We consult on design free of charge or can provide you with the design based on your requirements.  Likewise, what you distribute represents you and what you stand for, so make sure you choose the right paper to go out on - again we consult and provide flyer printing


Your rivals are doing big numbers… are you too?

As you know, an election is a numbers game. Whoever gets the most votes in your constituency wins. Therefore to make sure you get those votes in the quantity you need, you need a well thought out, well planned, and well-managed campaign.


Target precise constituency boundaries

We are recommending our solus distribution to all our political clients. With solus you are getting our premium service, your flyers go out by themselves and, as such, we can easily make sure that we negotiate the preciseness of constituency boundaries and target as many would-be voters as possible.


The key to success

As with any marketing the chances of someone making their mind up on something on one exposure to marketing material is extremely slim. Not least when they are making there mind up on firstly whether to vote and secondly who to vote for. People need to see your message more than once. This is where drip effect marketing comes in. We recommend you do a distribution in March to get your message and your ideas into people's view; people aren't likely to make up their mind based on that first flyer, so, do another distribution about 6 weeks after – just before the election to really give yourself the best chance of picking up every vote possible.


Leaflet distribution, used with the drip effect marketing principle can make a decisive difference to your campaign, and therefore get you more votes and give you the best chance of success in this year's monumental election.


Give us a call on 01484 595 555, email us at [email protected] or check out our website for more information and get your campaign planned and booked in.