Does the FREE GIFT marketing strategy work?

It seems now that the days of free iPad giveaways and the like have had their day. Either people didn't believe they could win, or didn't believe the offer held integrity - that it was just a scam.  Is there another way to create a call to action without giving a direct discount? The 'free gift' marketing strategy is proving successful, especially in the leaflet distribution industry. Read on to see if this can work for your business too.



Is It Done Already?

Perrys Mazda in Huddersfield were the first of our clients to really embrace the idea. And despite, due to their marketing powers above, the offer being very discreet, they still receive many flyers from people claiming their free gift. Many of these people in turn go on to purchase brand new cars. 


What Examples Are There Of Free Gifts?

Great gifts needn't be costly. M&S food vouchers, McDonalds vouchers, bottle of wine/champagne or an Amazon voucher. Just today I was discussing this with a new client who make bespoke kitchens and bedrooms, who considered a branded bespoke chopping board. If you can personalise it then perfect. But the gift of a branded pen or other tacky branded items probably won't generate the calls you are hoping for.


At What Stage Should It Be Given Away?

Pretty early on. Mazda don't give a gift with a sale, but simply when someone has a test drive (providing of course they present the flyer). If it's near impossible to redeem then you will create a bad reputation for yourself. However if it's available at an early stage such as a test drive, measure up, or something similar, then there's a strong likelihood you will get respondents. 


What Gift Is Best For My Business?

The type of gift is completely dependent on your type of business. When we are planning leaflet distribution campaigns for clients one of our key considerations that influences pretty much everything is the target demographic. If, for example, you are targeting £20k+ bespoke kitchen prospects, a bottle of champagne is probably more suited than a McDonalds voucher. Always think what your ideal client would most appreciate, and be most enticed by.  Where possible, experiment with different gifts for different campaigns and see which generates the highest ROI - just like split testing PPC Google campaigns. 


Is It Necessary?

It is not necessary to give anything away. However, if you want to enhance the chance of improving your response rate, this is a very cost effective method.  It's much better to give away a £10 bottle of wine, than offer 10% off a £20k kitchen; yet both offers may generate an equal number of conversions.  Furthermore, it easily enables you to track the response rate of your leaflet distribution because you will know how many gifts you have given away.


Action Step

On your next campaign make sure to discuss with myself about the potential to add the free gift idea. We will add it as part of the mix of your free consultation.  Contact us today.  You can also watch a short YouTube video on this, simply CLICK HERE