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How to Make Your Marketing Relevant

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In this blog, I want to show you how to make your marketing relevant to your target audience. It will also show you how to subtly create the desired action for your product or service.


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Last week a client called and requested that his next marketing campaign would help increase footfall in his flooring & blinds showroom. He, therefore, suggested we put a headline on his flyer saying, 'Come visit our showroom'. Do you see any problem with this? How would you respond? Let's put it in perspective with a simple example that took place a few days prior:


My wife asked me to nip to Lidl for some groceries, so I asked my 3-year-old son, Jonas, if he would like to come to the shop with me. He replied simply, "no Daddy". I then asked him, "would you like to go to the shop and we buy some sweeties?!". To which he replied, "yes Daddy!! Let's go to the shop now!" And he hurriedly ran to put his trainers on!


Why did he change his mind? What I did was position my offering (a trip to the shop) relevant and appealing to him. This was made largely possible through the gift marketing principle (in Jonas' case this was some sweets).


How does this little story apply to building your business?

You always need to think like your customer: what is it about your product or service that can be appealing to them? If you say what's appealing to you, it won't necessarily be relevant or appealing to your audience.


As you may have guessed by now, I strongly advised our client against putting an irrelevant command as his headline, to which he ultimately agreed. Instead, to entice potential customers, we have positioned his offering relevant to the receiver. The headline reads, 'Would you like to transform your home?' This is deliberately quite generic, so it will appeal to a wider audience, but clear enough what industry the company is in, and more importantly, how it may benefit the receiver (a transformed home). To then give people something to respond to (remember, them just thinking, 'yes, I do want to transform my home' doesn't mean they will respond to your marketing) we then put a call to action (CTA) of a free box of chocolates when they visit the showroom.


So, what have we done here?

Firstly, we have asked a question relevant to the receiver, regarding something our client is the ideal solution to.

Secondly, we have positioned our client as the solution.

Thirdly, we have supported this with a CTA of a free box of chocolates, which they will receive simply for visiting the showroom.

Fourthly, we have made this campaign track-able, as people will only receive the chocolates upon presentation of the flyer.


There are a number of other subtle design and copy strategies featured (pun intended!) on this flyer too, which we are more than happy to go through for your next marketing campaign as part of a complimentary free marketing consultation.


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