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Leaflet Distribution: Keys to success

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Do you know why some distributions work really well, and others are an epic fail?  This blog will help you see how to make your distribution incredibly effective in generating you a huge return on investment.  Here are Mr Flyer's keys to success when it comes to leaflet distribution:


1. Find a really RELIABLE leaflet distribution company

Don't just work with them because they call themselves reliable or the best. Do some research on them. Google their trading standards and check they are a member of the Direct marketing Association (DMA). You could have the best offer or deal on your leaflet, but if it doesn't reach the homes you requested, it won't generate any response. Opt for a local company rather than a national company; they will know your target areas better. The best way to check reliability and professionalism is to ask for testimonials, get your leaflet distribution GPS tracked or accompany them yourself, basically CHECK, CHECK, don't give up CHECKING!


2. Be consistent with your leaflet drops.

Leaflet distribution can and does generate immediate enquiries, but a large part of leaflet distribution is building your brand awareness and generating leads over time. If people receive your leaflet through their door every month or two, your brand will be easy to remember when that specific service is required. They will think of you first when they want what you are selling, and they may also recommend you to their friends and family having seen your leaflet often.  This marketing strategy is known as drip effect marketing.


3. If you have tried distributing a few leaflets yourself in the past and it hasn't worked for you, change your approach maybe try changing your design and try it again.

At Mr Flyer we can check and analyse your leaflet design for FREE before you have it printed, and advise on how you can make your leaflet design more effective. Always test new approaches before you dismiss something completely. We have delivered our own leaflets and constantly distribute leaflets for our clients. We have generated a lot of revenue from leaflet distribution, and so do our clients. Pick up your phone and contact us to find out how you can get the most from your leaflet distribution campaign, always remember our advice is always FREE!