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New Changes to our Website, New Services, and a Limited Time Offer!

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Once again we have updated our website, this time primarily adding the new services we have on offer. These include national door to door distribution, direct mail and full print management. This blog will highlight the significance of these changes directly for you and your business, and have hidden within it, some special offers!


National Door to Door Distribution 

Thanks to id30 we have once again added to our website.  This is largely in the addition of our new national door to door distribution service, which we are doing in partnership with the Royal Mail.  This enables us to provide to literally deliver a flyer to every letterbox in the UK.  If you are part of a major city within the UK you will likely have the benefit of your own dedicated web page (  Far too often we are called with enquiries out of the area we can realistically cover with our internal team of distributors, and we reluctantly cannot help those businesses; but now we can! To learn more about door to door Distribution click here. You can also see our full list of locations at the bottom of this blog.


National Direct Mail 

The next major change is direct mail. If you’re unsure of the difference please click here to read a blog explaining the best option for your business.  Direct mail enables you to do incredibly targeted campaigns so it reaches the exact demographic relevant to you. An industry we know particularly benefit from this are estate agents looking for more landlords - this service can do exactly that. This service is also available nationally.  To learn more about direct mail click here.


Perfect Print Management 

Then, print management. This is typically a service accustom only to big businesses; but we are opening it for our core client base: small businesses.  Print management essentially brings all printing under one roof, but not with one printer having a jack of all trades approach and producing poor print on everything. Instead, we as print consultants listen to your needs, recommend accordingly, and then approach our most appropriate trade print partner(s) to source you with that perfectly printed product. To learn more on Print management please click here.


But Can Everything be Designed?

Yes! Anything we print for you, we can now also design for you. The only caviat to this is that we don’t offer a design service if you don’t also choose Mr Flyer to Print.  To learn more on effective graphic design click here.


Are we Offering Introductory Offers?

Yes! Exclusive to this blog. So let’s see what they are:

  1. Door to door distribution: for any door to door distribution order carried out by our partner (the Royal Mail) which is printed by Mr Flyer, will receive £50 off their order.* Quote ‘£50 D2D’ to redeem. 
  2. Print management: with any print order over £75 you will receive 1000 business cards printed FREE.* Quote ‘FREE cards’ to redeem. 
  3. Direct mail: with any direct mail campaign (over 1,000 minimum quantity) we will give a £50 discount on your order.* Quote ‘£50 DM’ to redeem. 
  4. Graphic design: with any design work Mr Flyer is printing, receive 25% discount.* Quote ‘25%’ to redeem.


Terms & Conditions:

To keep them simple:
1. Payment is always made before any service can start.
2. Offer expires 31/3/18.
3. All four offers can be used, but each offer is only redeemable once.
4. Offers not redeemable on any pre-booked/on-going campaigns.


What’s next?

To explore the changes please do visit our website, click here. To see the most specific changes please choose from the links below. To take advantage of these offers please do call us today and speak to one of our consultants, who is here to help build your business and your brand.


Full list of new locations:

Leaflet distribution in Aberdeen:

Leaflet distribution in Belfast:

Leaflet distribution in Birmingham:

Leaflet distribution in Brighton:

Leaflet distribution in Bristol:

Leaflet distribution in Cambridge:

Leaflet distribution in Cardiff:

Leaflet distribution in Coventry:

Leaflet distribution in Edinburgh:

Leaflet distribution in Glasgow:

Leaflet distribution in Leicester:

Leaflet distribution in Liverpool:

Leaflet distribution in London:

Leaflet distribution in Manchester:

Leaflet distribution in Newcastle:

Leaflet distribution in Nottingham:

Leaflet distribution in Oxford:

Leaflet distribution in Plymouth:

Leaflet distribution in Southampton: