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New Stamp Duty Two-Stage Marketing Strategy

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I'm sure your attention was glued to the Chancellors economic update earlier today. What positive news this is for our housing market and our economy. So, as an estate agents, how do you ensure your current leads and potentially new prospects receive an immediate benefit from this?

The title is 'two-stage' as at Mr Flyer we see that there are two key marketing tactics you can use. The first is to your existing customer base, which we can fulfil as soon as next week, and the second to attract new prospects, which can be on their doorstep next month. Let's briefly look at these to see how your agency can most benefit:

Stage 1: We, of course, want to get the message out promptly. Marketing is most effective as part of a marketing mix, which can include social, email and direct mail. Direct mail is the most tangible of the three and is statistically the most effective. Depending on how promptly you contact us, we can have artwork created, printed and post your marketing material (be it a letter, flyer, brochure, or all three), all by next week. You can use this stage with your existing database of leads and previous customers.

Stage 2: After the initial surge of enquiries, you will hopefully receive on the back of this stamp duty announcement, we then need to keep the leads flowing in for you through a more extensive campaign to new prospects. Door to door distribution is perfect for this. We will design you an actionable flyer again with stamp duty as a critical feature, and deliver this door to door to your target postcode sectors.

Our in-house design and copy experts can help you create the right message for your audience, and design it in an eye-catching format, with a clear call to action. And don't worry, all our ISOs ensure we look after all the GDPR requirements too.

After such a long period of not being able to operate, this news is a welcome relief for your industry that you can now leverage as the catalyst for establishing real growth not only in your business but contributing to our British economy overall.

Please do get in touch with us today on 01484 598555 or email [email protected] and mention 'stamp duty strategy.'